Archeon Museum Park: A kid’s play

Archeon Museum Park: A kid’s play

Archeon Museum Park is a children museum in the Netherlands. This park allows you to travel through time by experiencing the history of the Netherlands during the Roman times. This history started at 8800 Before Christ, which is the Stone Age, up to the Roman era in the medieval period. The park re-enacts history through people playing various roles from historic times and providing the setting as well as explanation and shows to visitors. Before you visit, check the online agenda to make sure that your favourite shows are there on the day of your visit. In this blog, I will discuss the highlights of our visit and our experiences and review of the park.

Highlights of Archeon Museum Park Netherlands

1. Knight show

In some days you can see a real “knight” showing his skill with lance, swords, and morning star from horse back. This show is quite popular as it is held in an open arena near the colosseum. It is quite thrilling to see the skilled knight beheading a “head cabbage” with various weaponry, or chase someone from horse back. Therefore do not miss this as it is one of the highlights of Archeon Museum Park.

The knight show in the open field.
The knight trying to hit its target.

2. Birds of preys show

In the Colosseum, various birds of prey are shown ranging from small to big birds, such as the owls, American eagle, and vultures. The show is very fantastic and it invites the crowds to participate, for example, by forming a corridor of kids to serve as the guide on where the birds of prey can fly.

Bird of prey show in the Colosseum.

3. Gladiator show in the Colosseum

Ever wonder how it is to experience the blood, sweat, and masculinity when two gladiators collide? Then your chance is here. It is time to watch the gladiator show in the Colosseum and afterwards take a photo with the gladiators and Roman soldiers after the show.

Posing with the Soldiers.

4. Shooting bows and arrows

Another nice experience in the park is to learn how to shoot bow and arrows. Why take the danger of fighting unclose in person when you can shoot your enemies from a far. This experience is also very useful during the huntings times. After this experience, you’ll surely feel respect for all those hunters who use to shoot their prey with high precisions while hunting.

Learning to shoot with bows and arrows.

5. Sword training

In this training you can learn how to fight with the sword. You start with learning basic slashes, then practicing withe partner before taking part in a sword line where you learn to fight as a group and charged your enemies. It can be a real trilling experience both for young and adults. Of course, you will also get a “knight diploma” for participating in this training.

Sword training inside the museum.
Sword training is for both adults and kids.

6. Vikings boat

Next to seeing the ancient lives of Vikings, you can enjoy a short Viking boat ride where you pull the boat over the water. Do you like more freedom? Then go to the Stone Age village to ride a wooden log canoe over the water.

7. Learn the ancient craft.

Wherever you go, you will learn how the wood and stones tools are made. Clay painting, making candle, filth bracelet from wool, Roman helmet made of paper, and crafting your own fibula from copper wire are some of the craft activities you get to experience for four euros extra coupon. In addition to doing craft themselves, you can always free enjoy seeing other people doing “craft making” in the medieval times, such as shoe making, iron smith, and tin workers making a bell.

A nice medieval building and the medieval village.

8. Immerse with food experience.

Visitors can continue to immerse themselves in history by moving to culinary experience. You can eat delicious pancake in a monastery, enjoy oven baked pizza in the Roman restaurants, or flammkucken (pizza like bread) in addition to less historical food such fries and burgers. A small tip, there is a “secret garden” next to the labyrinth and Italian restaurant, which is a great place to get away from the crowds and lounge and eat outdoors.

Deliciously cooked stoned oven flammkucken.
A “secret garden” where you can rest and eat delicious historical foods.

9. Medieval Music and Parade

Part of the medieval immersive experience is the medieval musicians and parade (on some dates). The music fill you with a feeling of nostalgia. It is also possible to join this parade of “real” people from the medieval period.

Medieval woman playing a medieval music.
The medieval parade in the Medieval village.

10. Playground and Labyrinth

If your children get tired of the history or you simply want to rest while your children spend their remaining energy of the day, then you may bring them to the playground and labyrinth. It’s a nice filling for a day full of activity and education.

Playground of the museum.

Review of Archeon Museum park Netherlands

Archeon Museum park is a good outing for both children and adults. It is both fun and educative, especially for those who are history lovers. Archeon is not only a static museum, but provides an immersive experience where you can participate in historical setting and activities. One day seems not enough to spend in Archeon Museum park because of many activities and shows. We enjoyed but we feel like still miss a lot during our visit in the park. There are extra children activities on learning various crafts, for extra 4 euros per child. But even without these extra costs, there are more than enough activities to keep the children entertained. The prices of food in the restaurants such as snacks and drinks are more than reasonable, compared to other day-outings and attractions in The Netherlands. Overall, it is one of the best activities to do for children especially when they are in the age of discovery and learning (starting 5 years old). No wonder the Archeon Museum Park is voted as the best children activity outing in South Holland. At the same time, Archeon Museum Park is also fun for adults which can be seen by many volunteers who play different roles in the park.

Warrior helmet, which is very heavy to carry in the head.

Location, Entrance fee and Parking in Archeon Museum Park

Archeon is located at Archeonlaan 1, 2408 ZB Alphen aan den Rijn. From Utrecht you take the A12 and N11, or if coming from the west such as The Hague , you take the A4 and N11. The entrance fee for Archeon is 22,50 euros for both children and adult from 4 years old and above, if you pay on the location. Children below 4 years old are free of charge. It is also possible to get discountedtickets, such as by buying it in discount sites such as There is a big parking space next to the museum and it costs 8,95 euro, which you can pay in the counter once you enter.

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