Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard: Experiences and review

Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard: Experiences and review

Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard is a recently established attraction park in South Holland. In fact, it just celebrated its 5th year of business operation this 2023. Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard is a farm-setting attraction with Fien and Teun, two mascots dressed as Dutch children farmers, as the main characters. The farm has various stations that tell the story of how it is to live in the Dutch farm, such as making cheeses, operating a windmills, picking fruits, riding a tractor, riding a pony, and so on.

Our visit to Avonturenvoerderij Molenwaard is an outcome of our continuous search for bringing the children to nice attractions in the Netherlands. I encountered Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard in my subscription magazine from NS Spoordeelwinkel. It says it is the number one rated attraction for children by ANWB, which is a travelers’ association in the Netherlands. Out of curiosity and based on further research, we visited this farm-like attraction. In this blog, I will highlight the attractions and my review of our visit.

Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard celebrating its 5 years.

Highlights of Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard

Before you enter the park, you will be welcomed by the statue of “Fien and Teun”. Since it is already spring in the Netherlands, the park is in a spring theme with lots of flowering tulips. Once you enter the park, there is the playground where children can immediately play. Because of the beauty and the cleanliness of the place, you might think that the playground is already the highlight of the attraction, but there will be much more to discover. Close to the playground is where they held shows of Fien and Teun.

Fien and Teun welcoming visitors in Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard.

The further you tour around the park, the more play activities that you can explore for children. These activities are mostly done in stations. These include solving puzzles in the cheese making station, planting crops in the garden section, driving the tractor, playing in the go-kart track, riding a pony, finding your way in the maze, visiting a windmill, riding a boat for family, and playing with bare feet in the playground.

Driving a tractor experience.
Puzzels in the cheese farm section.
Riding a pony for kids.

Aside from the children “play” activities, there are also educational part for visiting the farm. There are some quizzes that kids can answer about the animals in the farm, for which they will get certificate in the end. In addition, there are many information boards per station about the farm.

There are also some shows that are organized per time slot. These shows could be from Fien and Teun, Mike and Molly, and Stip the Pony. The shows are very entertaining for children and a good variation from all the physical activities. There is also an opportunity to take a photo with these farm characters in different stations.

Photo with Fien and Teun.

Of course, the farm is also a nice place for photography. The landscape of the farm is well-maintained and is well organized. In fact, the farm seems to be a “fairy tale farm” where cow poo magically disappears, no smelly dung smell in the air, and where animals are well-kept cleaned and are groomed.

Enjoying the landscape of the farm.
The wind mill view of the farm.

By doing all these activities and watching all the shows you can easily spend your whole day in the farm while being entertained. However, since a majority of the activities are outdoor, make sure to visit during good weather.

Every station has a food counters offering farm products, such as farmer fries, ice cream, farmer pancakes, fresh farm juices. Do expect to pay a relatively high price for this. We ordered a large fries, with the expectation that the fries is in a large bag. However, the farm’s definition of large fries is a normal or regular size fries of any fries shops in the Netherlands. To save money from the trip, then you should bring your own food which I recommend especially if you are on a tight budget.

Direction, Tickets and Parking in Avontuurenboerderij Molenwaard

Address and Parking

The Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard is located at this address:

Wilgenweg 3 2974 AM Groot-Ammers.

Once you arrive, you will find a big parking space in front of the attraction park. We arrived at 11AM (the park opens at 9:30 but the main attractions open at 10:00AMand closes at 17:00) and it was surprising to see that there were already a lot of visitors in the park. In order to get out of the parking lot, you need to buy a coin that costs 7 euros to get out of the parking.

How much is the price of the ticket?

The full price for the entrance ticket is 16.95 euros, for both adults and children starting 2 years old. Children below 2 years old are free of entrance. The tickets can be bought on the website of the attraction park via this link. However, note that there are other ticket providers that provide discount. These include the ANWB, the Trippster.nl, or Ticketveiling.nl. Most of the discounts are from 25-30% so you don’t have to pay the full price. 

Final verdict for Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard

Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard it is a nice day out for young kids. If you live in the neighborhood, you might consider getting a yearly subscription to get more value for your money. If you want an escape for a weekend, you can consider renting their vacation park which includes entrance to the farm. But always look for discounts, since only with the discounts that you can get a decent value for your money. The food in the farm is good, but the price is on the expensive side which is any way similar to many attraction parks. It is a nice day, however if you consider all the expenses at the end of the day, it can accumulate. Overall, it is a satisfying experience and I can recommend the park to families with young kids.

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