Binky children farm attraction: A kid’s play

Binky children farm attraction: A kid’s play

Binky is a children farm attraction for both young and adults. It is located in Apeldoorn in the region of Gelderland, The Netherlands. The happy pig mascot is the face of this farm, and hence, the name Binky. If you have young children, I highly recommend to visit this place even just for a day-out. This place might not be popular to international, but just in case you encounter this site, I hope the I can inform you sufficiently. In this blog, I will discuss reasons why you should visit Binky.

Why Binky is worth a visit?

1. You get to experience the daily farm life.

Since Binky has a setting in a farm, your family and kids get to experience the daily activities inside the farm. For example, you can have a chance to feed the goats, to milk the “fake” cows, or to simply meet many types of farm animals such as alpaca, donkeys, goats, bunnies, chickens, and many more!

Litres of milk needed to make a cheese.

2. A visit to Binky can be educational.

In some stations of the farm, there are informations provided related to the farm products. For instance, you can learn how many litres of milk to do you need for making cheeses (10 liters of milk =1 kg of cheese), what type of products can be made out of the farm animal skin, and the different cuts of meats based on the body parts of the cow. These information are made into children game to make education more fun.

Studying different parts of the pig.
The ‘insect hotel inside the farm.

3. There are many children activities inside Binky farm.

No wonder Binky is called children farm paradise because there are many children activities and playground in the vicinity! There is a water pump, water boat biking, trampoline, mini-golf, playgrounds for small and big kids, building lego blocks, zip line, walking on a jungle path, and so on! You do not have to pay extra to get these activities, which make your visit worth it.

Small kids playground inside the farm.
Midget golf area.
Water boat pedal.

4. You get a chance to watch Binky children show.

In certain time of the day, there is a Binky show which is very exciting for children. You get to see the mascot Binky (a happy pig) and her friend Brit and Koetje Boy (a cow). It’s one of the highlights of Binky so make sure you do not miss it.

Watching the Binky show.

5. Binky is a good value for money.

There are many attractions that we have visited in The Netherlands and they are mostly very pricey. So it was a shock for us how reasonable is the price of visiting Binky. For 17,50 euros, your child can play the whole year (3-4 years ago we only paid 12,50 while there is still no inflation). For one time visit, the prices can vary from 3,50 euros per person for low season and 11,00 euros per person during high season. If you are close-by Apeldoorn, it is best to get a year round subscription.

In one of the play corner of the farm.
Water pedal activity.

Location, Parking, and Food

Binky is located at this address:

Kinderparadijs Malkenschoten
Dubbelbeek 4 (hoek Arnhemseweg)
7333 NJ Apeldoorn

Binky has their own parking area which is free for visitors. However, there is a limited space and you need to be early in case you want to use this parking. In case this parking is full, there is another parking area just closely by (1 minute drive) which can be used for up to 2 hours for free, or otherwise you use a paid parking.

There are also a restaurant in Binky where you can buy drinks and snacks. Of course, you are free to bring your own food in case you want to save money.

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