Camping Aller-Leine Tal summer vacation

Camping Aller-Leine Tal summer vacation

Our most recent summer vacation was going on a glamping at Camping Aller-Leine Tal in Germany. This camping area is owned by a Dutch, which should not be a surprised because we booked this place via The decision to go to Camping Aller-Leine Tal was due to a number of reasons, as I will discuss below. We stayed there for a week and thus we were able to visit many nearby major German cities. Overall, we were very happy with our experience.

The beautiful nature of Camping Aller-Leine Tal.

Why book Camping Aller-Leine Tal?

1. Camping Aller-Leine Tal is closed to Netherlands.

As a family with young children, driving on a long destination is a burden not only for parents but also for kids. Therefore, it is very convenient to go the Camping Aller-Leine Tal. It only takes 3.5 to 4 hours drive to reach the camping site, perhaps even shorter for those who are close to the German border. Compared to other destinations such as South of France, it can already cost you at least 8-10 hours drive to reach your destination. Therefore we opted for a close by area such as this camping site.

2. Camping Aller-Leine Tal is close to many major German cities and small villages.

One thing that we love about our camping place is that it is strategically located and is very convenient when visiting major cities. We used the camping area as our base for going to other German cities. For instance, Camping Aller-Leine Tal is just 30 minutes away from Celle, 40 minutes away from Hanover and 1 hour away from Bremen and Hamburg. If you want to visit these cities for one day itinerary, check my blogs on Celle, Hanover, and Bremen Germany. There is also a number of close-by small villages to visit, such as the Schwarmstedt, which you can reach by only 10 minutes drive. Going on day-out to Schwarmstedt is ideal, especially if you do not want to visit big cities, since there are children playgrounds in the vicinity as well as a nice mini-golf area with restaurant. We tried dining in the mini-golf area and the price is so cheap, in fact twice less than what we pay when we visit German cities, but the quality of food is almost the same.

Having a relax day by visiting the village of Schwarmstedt.

3. Camping Aller-Leine Tal is close to nature.

The camping area is located close to a lake and the river where people can go swimming and fishing. Luckily, these water areas are just a few minutes walking distance. If you want to avoid the busyness of the city and simply enjoy the quietness of the nature, then this is a nice way to vary your activity during your vacation.

We discovered the river that is a few minutes walk from the camping area.
The lake in the vicinity of the camping area.

4. The camping tent is comfortable and filled with basic necessities.

Going on a camping does not have to be getting out of your comfort zone. That’s why there is a glamping (a luxurious version of camping). In fact, the comfort for staying in the glamping is almost similar to staying in the hotel. We had a 40 square meter tent, 2 rooms that can accommodate for six people and with comfortable beds, had a toilet (which is already a lux when on camping!), fridge, cooking sets, and tables and chairs. Having all these facilities when on camping makes life a lot easier.

A relaxing day in our clamping tent.

5. Going on a glamping is a one of a kind experience.

The summer vacation in Camping Aller-Leine Tal is a mixed of experiences – luxurious camping, waking up in the nature, and at the same time having quick access to major cities. Overall, my family had plenty of time to reflect and enjoy the serenity of the nature while discovering newly visited German cities. We also had plenty of time just simply enjoying the company of each other, while temporarily being away from the digital world such on televisions and internet.

Playground in the camping area.
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