Celle Germany one day itinerary

Celle Germany one day itinerary

Celle Germany is a small town where you can see all of its attractions by foot in just one day, although it would be worthy staying longer. Located in Lower Saxony region of Germany, Celle is renowned for its remarkable rows of more than 400 timber-framed houses and buildings. Celle Germany is located on the River Aller, with its area ideal for walking, hiking, or cycling. Of course, who would not fall in love with Celle? Aside from being the birth place of German actor based in the US Christian Oliver, many olympic players, artists, and musicians, Celle Germany can also be seen in many local and international films. Ready to visit Celle Germany? Below I will discuss the one day itinerary when visiting this town.

The view at the entrance of the city center of Celle Germany.

Celle Germany one day itinerary

If you are a tourist who is staying in the close region or area, Celle is very accessible by car. There are several parking spaces and garages that are close to the city. In our case, we parked at the Parkhaus Südwall, which is close to many attractions in Celle Germany. Below is the map of the places that you can visit from the Parkhaus Südwall.

Map of one day itinerary in Celle.

Celle Germany one day itinerary

1. French Garden (Französischer Garten)

When you exit the parking space, you can easily find the French Garden on the right side. This beautiful public park in in Aldstadt has well maintained lawns, a circular design pond, and a fountain at the middle of the pond. There are also some ducks, swans, and rows of beautiful serene trees that lead you to another secret spot of the garden. During our visit, some locals had warned us to not get close to the swans since they can be aggressive and can hurt children. The swans just had small babies so their protective instincts can kick in. A visit to the park is good for walking and breathing fresh air, biking, and simply meditating.

The circular pond with a fountain in the middle of the French Garden.
Love lock keys that are places on the bridge leading to the French garden.

Aside from nature areas, there is also a playground on the other side of the French garden. The playground is located in front of the traditional German house, making a unique setting for the visitors. If you are a visiting family, it is definitely a nice place to bring your children. It can take 1-2 hours when visiting this park.

On the other side of the French Garden in Celle Germany.

2. Altsadt or Old Town of Celle Germany

Around 5 minutes walk from the park you can reach the beautiful, historical old town. For those visiting Celle for the first time, you will be amazed by the magnificent view of historical timber framed houses, which some of them even dating back to 14th century. Some of the houses have been extensively restored down to the finest details, resulting in a densely populated and enclosed group of houses, making this place unique in the world. Walking around the city center does not take much time. But if you want to enjoy the view and dine in in the restaurants, you can easily spend 3-4 hours here.

Rows of traditionally designed German houses inside the city center.
Walking around the Old Town of Celle.
Enjoying the walk inside the city center.

3. Stadtkirche Sankt Marien Celle Germany

The Stadtkirche Sankt Marien is a beautiful old Evangelical-Lutheran church inside the Old Town of Celle. This church is located close to the Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall) and is facing many of the traditional style German architectures, that house many shops and restaurants. This church has beautiful architecture with many wood carvings. You can find inside the church a gigantic organ and many biblical paintings. Climbing the tower costs 2 euros, and from the top you can see the view of the Old Town.

The Old City Hall (Altes Rathaus) with Stadtkirche Sankt Marien beside it.

4. Bomann Museum

The Bomann Museum is just a minute walk from the Stadtkirche Sankt Marien. This museum provides a glimpse of the history of Celle Germany, using photographs, educational tools, as well as reconstructions of the past. There are also some paintings and exhibitions beginning the medieval ages up to before World War II. Outside the museum you can find a coffee shop as well as a museum shop. The entrance to the museum costs 8 euros, while it is for free during Saturday after 13:00.

The Bomann Museum (white building with red roof).

5. Schloss Celle (Celle Castle)

The Schloss Celle can be found just across the Bomann Museum. Schloss Celle was one of the residences of the House of Brunswick-Lüneburg, which are two largest states or duchy during the 8th century. Schloss Celle was built during 980, originally as a fortified tower to guard the town from those crossing the River Aller. It provides an interesting mix of Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance designs. The castle was only extended in 1378 after being succeeded by the Duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg. It is possible to tour inside the castle for 9 euros per person, or 7 euros for reduced fee. A family can get a ticket for 18 euros (2 adults and children below 16 years old). You may check their website in this link to get ticket online.

After your visit in the castle, it only takes 5 minutes to go back to the Parkhaus Südwall via the bridge of the castle’s park. Since it could be a tiring day tour, you can conclude your one day itinerary of Celle with a nice treat or an ice cream at the Café Müller Celle. This cafe/restaurant is just facing the parking garage.

Ending our one day tour of Celle with 3 scoops of ice cream in Cafe Müller Celle.

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