Happy Italy Arnhem: Family friendly restaurant

Happy Italy Arnhem: Family friendly restaurant

Happy Italy Arnhem is one of our favourite hang-out fast-food restaurants. My first time to visit Happy Italy Arnhem was in 2016, when I was invited by a colleague to have a lunch there before going to our boat tour event in Arnhem. Since then, I used to go to Happy Italy together with my husband, and now with our three children. We celebrate many occasions in Happy Italy, including whenever a new child in our family is born, the Mother’s and Father’s Day, Sunday Day-out, or simply when we are craving for Italian food. Happy Italy is located in various places in The Netherlands such as Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Breda, Den Bosch and Arnhem. They are known for offering big meals for affordable price, as well as some nice discounts. Happy Italy is also a good place for family with children. For those who are interested to try Happy Italy Arnhem, here is what you need to know why you can bring your family in this restaurant.

At Happy Italy when we were still a family of four. 🙂

Happy Italy Arnhem: Why it is family friendly?

1. Happy Italy Arnhem has free indoor playground.

Happy Italy Arnhem has a free indoor playground. Having this place makes it convenient for family to eat in a restaurant without worrying on how to make kids entertained. The indoor playground consists of slide, climbing place, building blocks, and balls. Most of the time, my children go here to play while waiting for our orders especially when there are many visitors in the restaurant. While children are playing, parents can enjoy drinking coffee or cocktails while chatting.

2. Happy Italy Arnhem has Happy kids menu.

This restaurant focuses on children that’s why they have menu specifically targeted to children. They have Kid’s Menu, which consists of pizza (with a choice of Margherita or Salami), ice cream, colouring sheets with crayons, and access to playground. Overall it costs 9,95 euros only. If you want to further upgrade the Kid’s menu by adding lemonade and gift, you need to pay only 12,50 euros. My kids are always entertained whenever they get Kid’s menu.

3. Happy Italy is close to Arnhem central station and the city center.

If traveling with kids, this restaurant is very accessible from the train station. You just need to walk for a minute or two, in order to reach this restaurant. There are also few establishments for family close to this restaurant, such as Game Center and cinema. In addition, Happy Italy is just 2-3 minutes walk to the city center of Arnhem.

Resting outside the Arnhem train station (Happy Italy restaurant is at the back close to Pathe cinema).

4. This restaurant offers reasonable price.

Happy Italy in general has reasonable pricing, which makes it attractive to visitors. For a big pizza (often good for 2 persons), you can get as cheap as 7,95 euros. In fact, 7 years ago when I first visited this place, the pizza was only around 6 euros! If you are a family with quite some children, you can save a lot by going in this restaurant as compared to going to a play area, such as Ballorig and Monkey town, where you have to pay the entrance fee in addition to the meals.

Reasonably price of food in Happy Italy especially before the corona period.
One of of our favourite menu (but not available anymore)

5. It offers good deals for family activity.

Happy Italy has several promotions. For 14,50 euros, you can get pasta or pizza + entrance ticket to a Cinema. Since this place is strategically located close to cinemas, so it is a good choice to enjoy a fun time or date night with friends and family. It also hosts children parties for as low as 7.25 euros per person. For more information about their deals, check out the website of Happy Italy.

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