Renkum Beekdaal: Kids’ day out

Renkum Beekdaal: Kids’ day out

Renkum Beekdaal is located in the small village of Renkum in The Netherlands. This area is perhaps not known to many people, but Renkum Beekdal is a pleasant place for family, couples, or group of friends. Renkum Beekdaal is rich in nature areas that are ideal for hiking, biking, and children play especially during the summer. It is in fact connecting Veluwe, which is one of the biggest and most beautiful nature areas in The Netherlands, and the Rhine river which runs through many European cities. There are also nice restaurants to visit in the nearby areas. If you are living in cities close to Renkum, such as in Wageningen and Arnhem, or doing a tour of places along the Rhine river, I highly recommend to visit Renkum Beekdaal. For more details of the bike tour, you can check my blog on: Tour villages along Nedderijn by bike during summer. In this blog, I will discuss the things that you can do when in Renkum Beekdaal.

The nature are of Renkum Beekdaal.

Renkum Beekdaal: Kid’s day out

1. Visit the Renkum Beekdaal Centrum.

The Renkum Beekdaal Centrum is an information centre and a “small museum” that tells the story of Beekdaal and the kind of animals that you can find in this nature area, as well as some exhibits of these animals. You can find inside the center some souvenirs, while there is a children play area and a restaurant outside the information center. The children play area is a good place for family with kids.

In front of the Renkum Beekdaal Information centre.

2. Walk or Hike along the Renkum Beekdaal trail.

The Renkum Beekdaal trail is a nice path for walking and hiking. During your adventure, you can find ancient water streams, forest, grasslands with varying colour especially during the summer, and unique landscapes in the nature.

Walking the trail of Renkum Beekdaal.

3. Have a lunch or afternoon drinks at the Beekdaal Hoeve.

After a nice trail, you can go straight to Beekdaal Hoeve, an old farm turned into restaurant and events area. The restaurant offers drinks, assortment of sweets, and hearty snacks at good quality but reasonable price. Events such as wedding, birthday, and company events can be held in the other side of the restaurant. During warm days, you can sit at the outside terrace to simply enjoy the nature while having some nice foods. There is also a playground in the area of Beekdal Hoeve and therefore, children will not get bored during the family outing. If interested to hold events, you make a reservation in this site. Otherwise, it is also fine to visit without any reservation for a lunch and afternoon break or dinner.

Having some nice break at the Beekdaal Hoeve.
Playing in the playground of Beekdaal Hoeve.

4. Visit the Oranje-Nassau Oord Renkum and enjoy the view of the deers.

The Oranje-Nassau Oord Renkum is a mansion property that is along the meadows of Beekdaal. This property was previously a palace of the royal family before being donated by Royal Family as a place for treatingtuberculosis patient, and later on became an elderly home. Outside the property are some deers where both children and adults can enjoy watching.

Enjoying the view of the deers at Oranje-Nassau Oord.

5. Visit the Our Lady of the Assumption Church (One Lieve Vrouw Kerk) in Renkum.

Perhaps it is a bit out of the way, but this church is a special one in Renkum. It contains a special wooden statue of Maria from the medieval times. This church is also a pilgrimage site and is known for its spectacular Christmas displays.

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