Strasbourg France one day itinerary

Strasbourg France one day itinerary

Strasbourg France is a perfect place to visit when you are in the Southwestern part of Germany or west of Switzerland, and want to cross the border. It takes around 17 minutes’ car drive to cross the border from the town of Kehl Germany. If coming from Switzerland, it takes one-and-a-half-hour drive from Basel Switzerland to reach Strasbourg. Strasbourg is also an ideal place to tour when you are visiting Alsace France. The region of Alsace exhibits a blend of Germanic and French influences. Strasbourg has been the bridge between the cultural and religious influences of France and Germany, being a border city to these two countries. Strasbourg also manifests the co-existence of Catholicism of France and Protestantism in Germany. Within the city, you can find the Strasbourg Grand Mosque, which is home to the largest Islamic Mosque in France. Next to Brussels, Strasbourg is also the official seat of the European Parliament.

Going to Strasbourg from the Netherlands takes few hours of driving. Thus, it doesn’t make sense to only go to this city for a day. However, if Strasbourg is not your main destination and you are given a day to tour around the city, it is still possible to experience this city in a day. That was in our case since we were touring the region of Alsace (where Strasbourg is situated) in the eastern part of France. In this blog, I’ll discuss some of the places to visit in a day including some tips with the parking.

A Germanic and French influence architectures in one of the canals of Strasbourg.

When to visit Strasbourg?

The best time to visit Strasbourg is during spring (March-May) and autumn (September-October) seasons. Around these times of the year, the weather is nice and there are less crowd. During summer season (June-August), it is very hot and the tourists are flocking in the city.

A view of one of the canals in Strasbourg France.

Where to park your car when visiting Strasbourg France?

You may want to avoid driving inside a very busy city like Strasbourg. The traffic will just cause you headache, and worse, will likely give scratches in your car when inside the city (imagine how much it will cost you if it is a rental car!). When we went to Strasbourg, we parked at Parking Relais-Tram Rotonde. This parking space is big enough since it can accommodate around 450 cars. It also does not cost much since you use Park and Ride (P+R) ticket. This means that in addition to the parking, you may also use your ticket for you and your family members to travel in a bus or tram going to the city center of Strasbourg. Via Tram Lines A and D, you can reach the city center of Strasbourg in 7 minutes by dropping off to Homme de Fer. From this stop, you can walk and start exploring the different sight-seeing spots in the city center of Strasbourg. Below is an itinerary I prepared to see some of the best places of Strasbourg in one day.

An example of one day itinerary in Strasbourg France from Parking Relais Tram-Rotonde.

One day itinerary in Strasbourg France

1. Place Kieber

From Homme de Fer tram stop, just walk for 3 minutes and you will be greeted with the picturesque square of Place Kieber. This square is the largest in Strasbourg and is named after a French Revolutionary Jean-Baptiste Kieber. He who was born in Strasbourg in 1753 and his statue was erected in the middle of the square. Place Kieber was enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage site in 1988. It features some facilities, such as the Aubette building, which was once a military post and now boasts an interior design that is called the “Sistine Chapel of Abstract Art”. The Aubette building is a popular building in Place Kieber and offers free admissions to the tourists.

A view of Place Kieber, Strasbourg France.
Place Kieber Strasbourg France.

2. Place Guttenberg

Place Guttenberg is a mid-size square that you will pass by from Place Kieber going to Cathedral de Notre Dame Strasbourg. The prominent architectures in Place Guttenberg includes the monument of Johannes Gutenberg, a German inventor of the printing press as well as a publisher, printer, and goldsmith. He lived around 1400-1468. Next to it, you can also find the Neubau architecture, which is an old landmark in the city of Strasbourg that represents the Rennaisance design in the square. Around the square you can also find some restaurants, boutiques or small shops, and cafes.

Place Guttenberg with a view of Cathedral de Notre Dame Strasbourg (photo by: Jonathan Marchal of Unsplash)
Some nice French pastries on our way to the Cathedral de Notre Dame Strasbourg.

3. Cathedral de Notre Dame Strasbourg

The Cathedral de Notre Dame Strasbourg is just a 2 minutes’ walk from Place Guttenberg. This Gothic style cathedral was built for 400 hundred years, starting from 1015 until 1439. The 142 meters cathedral, which highlights elegance and intricacy in architecture, was once considered as the tallest building in the world from years 1647 to 1874 and of the Christian world until the 19th century. The pink sandstone color from the outside of Cathedral de Notre Dame Strasbourg changes depending on the time of the day and the sky color. The lightning effects of the cathedral are so magical to watch, especially during the summer evenings.

The Gothic style Cathedral de Notre Dame Strasbourg France.
A view of the Cathedral de Notre Dame Strasbourg reflecting different colors.

4. Musee Alsacien (Musee de la ville de Strasbourg)

Located in the Renaissance timber framed houses on the banks of the Ill river, the Musee Alsacien reminds locals and tourists how the people of Alsace lived during the 18th and 19th centuries. With more than 5,000 artifacts, this museum exhibits clothing, toys, furnitures and other household artifacts. The entrance to the museum costs 7.50 euros and it can take around 90 minutes to 2 hours of visit.

Inside a museum in Strasbourg France.

5. Barrage Vauban

The Barrage Vauban (also called Vauban dam) was built during the 17th century as a defensive architecture in the River Ill in Strasbourg France. The goal of the Barrage was to increase the level of River Ill and to flood the lands in the South of Strasbourg, in case of attack from the enemy. This tactic had been employed during the Franco-Prussian war in 1870, when Prussians (old name for Germans) besieged Strasbourg. Nowadays, Barrage Vauban displays sculptures and allows visitors to view the Ponts Couverts Bridges and Petite France from its terrace.

Barrage Vauban (Photo credit from V2F of Unsplash)
Photo in one of the bridges in Strasbourg.

6. Petite France

Petite France is considered as UNESCO World Heritage site in Grand Ile France. It is one of the most picturesque old towns in Europe, therefore making it one of the main tourist attractions in Strasbourg. Walking on the cobblestone streets with the view of pretty canals and medieval half-timbered houses built during the 16th and 17th centuries in Petit France, enables you to feel the historic ambiance of Strasbourg. During Christmas period, Petit France is also a popular setting for Christmas markets in Strasbourg France.

View of the canals and architectures in Strasbourg France.

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