Vakantie Park Brugse Heide: Last minute summer holiday

Vakantie Park Brugse Heide: Last minute summer holiday

Planning a last-minute summer holiday in the Netherlands can be time consuming, exhausting, and very expensive. Yet there are some alternative summer holidays that you can book last minute and still can turn out fun, affordable, and relaxing. Our family is a fan of camping and renting mobile tents. This type of vacation is quite cheap and gives children a unique and cozy experience. An alternative to camping and mobile tent is using a camper, which is also a cheap form of vacation. This is a very popular form of holidays during spring and summer, especially for families who have plenty of time and who do not require a 9-5PM job. There are tons of places available to set out the camper and camping tents, both inside and outside the Netherlands. In fact, we want to buy one in the future as a means of touring countries in Europe, while being in the scope of our budget. One of the camping places we visited is the Oostappen Vakantie Park Brugse Heide in the Netherlands.

Oostappen Vakantie Park Brugse Heide is located in the forest area outside Eindhoven, a city in the South of the Netherlands. This park is suitable for family who likes laid-back adventure and experience the beauty of nature forest by staying on a camping tent, camper, or mobile home. Staying in this park is definitely cheaper as compared to staying in a hotel or bed and breakfast. A one night hotel stay could be equivalent to 3 nights stay in this Vakantie Park. If you want to book cheaply, you can always check the website of Groupon, Social Deal or the Oostappen Vakantie Park for promotions. We went to this park because we had a good experience in staying in the same vacation park in Zeeland. Check out our stay in Oostappen Marina Beach Vakantie Park Zeeland or Zeeland in general.

How to enjoy Oostappen Vakantie Park Brugse Heide?

For a more relaxing stay in Brugse Heide, below you can find how you can spend your time with your kids. Our lists of things to do in this Vakantie Park maybe limited, but each activity can be a full-day (or even more) worth of experience. Before you know it, the vacation days might be over quickly as soon as you start doing these entertainments.

1. Enjoy the activities inside Oostappen Vakantie Park Brugse Heide.

There are many activities to do with kids inside Oostappen Vakantie Park Brugse Heide. The park has an outside swimming pool, which makes it good to enjoy during summer. There is also a midget golf, trampoline, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, and a bus that rides every end of the afternoon. Alternatively, simply sitting outside and enjoying the tranquility of the forest is a good way of enjoying simple life.

Inside the bathroom close to one of the playgrounds of Oostappen Vakantie Park Brugse Heide.

2. Visit Speeltuin Geenhoven Valkenswaard.

Around 10-15 minutes’ drive from Oostappen Vakantie Park Brugse Heide, you can find the playground of Geenhoven in Valkenswaard. This playground in suitable for kids of various ages ranging from 0 up to 12 years old. There is an outdoor swimming pool, trampoline, slides, sands, climbing areas, swings, and other forms of entertainment play for children. Spending at least a half-day in this playground is worth the visit.

One of the play in Speeltuin Geenhoven.
Walking around Valkenswaard.

3. Visit Eindhoven city with kids.

When staying in Brugse Heide vacation park, you can also combine your holiday with visiting Eindhoven, a charming city filled with modern designed architectures and historical landmarks. Majority of the populations in Eindhoven are mostly Catholic. However, since the university situated in Eindhoven (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven) attracted many internationals, the religion becomes more mix and therefore you can find a synagogue and two mosques in the city. Regardless of these changes, Eindhoven is a safe place for children. There are many activities to do ranging from parks, museums, and sightseeing.

The fountain in front of de Bijenkorf mall.
Another view of a modern design building in Eindhoven.

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