“Water holidays” with the children

“Water holidays” with the children

Spending “water holidays” with my children in the Netherlands is an essential part of raising them the Dutch way. In my blog Raising happy and balanced kids the Dutch way, children in the Netherlands are considered as the happiest in the world. As contribution to their well-being, bringing children to various “water holidays”, such as beaches, rivers, water parks, or ponds, improves their physical, mental, and emotional development. Therefore, take the opportunity to let children experience these “water holidays”, no matter where you are in the world.

The country such as the Netherlands is naturally gifted with various water forms, such as rivers, seas, and beaches, and artifically-made ponds, canals, and water parks. No matter which Dutch cities you go, you will always find water attractions. In fact, the Netherlands even has its own Water Museum, which is a children museum that educates about the history and science of water. Many other museums in the Netherlands, such as Madurodam, Het Scheepvaart Museum, also have attractions dedicated to water and water management. Natural water areas of the Netherlands are also very popular among locals and tourists. For instance, Germans enjoy going on the Dutch beaches because beaches are rare in Germany. In my blog Family Holidays in Netherlands Beaches, you will find some of the best beaches in the Netherlands.

Reasons to bring your children to “water holidays”

Bringing children to “water holidays” is not only fun, but are proven to bring many developmental benefits. Below I will outline my top five reasons why you should bring your children to “water holidays”:

1. “Water holidays” provide endless entertainment for kids.

Water is always fun for kids. They love playing in the bath, watering the plants, stomping in the rain water, or sprinkling water everywhere. Imagine if you bring kids in an area with plenty of water. This will tickle their imagination and will end kids playing non-stop. For instance, whenever we bring my kids to beaches, they never get tired of throwing sand in the beach or digging the sand and bringing water with it.

2. “Water holidays” are great for holiday photos and videos.

Taking photos and videos (in addition to putting this blog ;)) are the best way to capture and preserve all the “water holiday” memories of kids. It doesn’t matter whether it is on the sea, river, or even in your own backyard (with artifically made swimming pool!). Children always enjoy where they are, as long as there is water, and of course, when with their parents.

Playing in the sand of Noord Holland beach.
Enjoying the waterpark of Marine Beach Vakantie Park Zeeland.

3. You have you hands-free while kids play with water.

Treasure your care-free moments while your kids play with water. Children almost (or will) never ask for your attention once they are well-entertained with playing with water. In fact, you are the one to beg them to stop. Seize the day – relax, read books, drink beers or wine, listen to music, or simply watch your kids enjoy.

Resting at Breskens in Zeeland while children are enjoying the water park.

4. Kids learn from water adventure.

Spending “water holidays” with children educate them in many ways. They learn to socialize and play with other children. When in nature, children can finally see in real-life what they only see in books and pictures – the turtles (not in the Netherlands), fish, crabs, and other marine animals. Children also learn in “playful ways” the physics, gravity, and chemistry of water.

Walking in the water of the Rhine river.
Playing in the waterpark outside the museum of Beekdal Renkum.

5. Water holidays bring many health benefits.

Exposure of children to outside water activities expose them to sunshine and Vitamin D, which is important especially if living in a country where sunny days are limited. In addition, going on a water holiday brings calming effect on the mental health of both adults and children. As parent, you tend to forget your study or work and learn to enjoy the moments. Children learn to live as what children should do – happy and playful. At the end of the day, both parents and children feel the satisfaction of spending time together and creating beautiful memories.

Water holidays in the Rhine river.

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