Drenthe Netherlands weekend itinerary

Drenthe Netherlands weekend itinerary

Fancy going on a trip to the north of the Netherlands? Then Drenthe Netherlands is one of the must-visit regions. Drenthe is close to the western German border and is just below Groningen region, which is the Northernmost part of the Netherlands. Drenthe is home to the oldest settlements in the Netherlands, inhabited by people from the prehistoric times. The mysterious tombstones, called hunebeds, are spread throughout the region and represent the old civilizations.

Spending vacation in Drenthe Netherlands is a totally different experience as compared to the rest of the Netherlands (check-out my blog about the Top 20 places to visit when in Netherlands). Drenthe is a heathland, with dry, low vegetation and very sandy soil. It is possible to tour the region in one day, though I suggest to stay for at least 2 or 3 days for an ultimate Drenthe experience. Below are the highlights of places to visit when in Drenthe.

The prehistoric ambiance of Drenthe Netherlands.

Drenthe Netherlands itinerary

1. Hunebeds (or Hunebedden)

Hunebeds are prehistoric tombstones which can weigh up to 25,000 kilograms and are a symbol of Drenthe. People used to believe that the hunebeds were built by the giants called huynen, thus being the origin of the Dutch name hunebeds or hunebedden. However, the hunebeds were made by the Funnelbeaker people, who were in fact very short people and whose height were up to 1.65 meters. The tombstones were built during the Ice Age period more than 5000 years ago and therefore older than the Egyptian pyramids. These megaliths monuments are comparable to Stonehenge in England and dolmens and menhirs in France. The various hunebeds in Drenthe are D45, D43, D27, D28, and D29. The largest hunebeds in Drenthe is the D27. You can try to combine your visit in this hunebed with the Hunebed center to feel how nice to travel back in time and how people lived in the past.

Drenthe hunebed D27.
A stoneage hut outside the Hunebed center.
Inside the shop of Hunebed center.

2. Wildlands Emmen Drenthe Netherlands

Drenthe is also famous for the Wildlands Emmen Zoo. Compared to other zoo in the Netherlands, this zoo has a “wild adventure set-up” encouraging family to experience adventure. This zoo allows visitors to experience worldwide escapades that include Rimbula river (Jungola), Serenga safari, and Sealion presentation (Nortica). You can spot rhinoceros and elephants while having a truck ride in the safari, or in the pool expedition to see the polar bear and penguins. Going to the Wildlands Emmen zoo costs money so make sure you check some websites, such as Social deal, Groupon, Voordeeluitjes, and ANWB websites for available discounts before visiting the zoo. Combining visit to the hunebeds and zoo in Drenthe during weekend is a good family getaway.

An elephant roaming around the Wildlands Emmen Zoo.
A static jeepney adventure inside the zoo.
A heathland view of the zoo.

3. Drents museum

Visiting Drents museum in Assen is a nice way to discover arts and culture in Drenthe. This museum is opened in 1854 and showcases various artworks by famous artists. It has permanent collection of figurative art with especial attention to Realism from northern Europe and representatives of the fourth generation of Dutch abstract figurative artists. You can find the artworks of Roling, Van Gogh, Piet Mondrian, and Barend Balnkert. The visit to the museum is free for 0-17 years old and costs 15 euros for Adults.

4. Camping in the farm in Drenthe Netherlands

Drenthe is also popular for doing minicamping. The nature of Drenthe Netherlands gives a restful, romantic, and cozy feeling. There are many camping places located in remote areas and are situated in a farm or close to nature areas. In case you are looking for a place to camp in Drenthe, you can begin on this site. It is also possible to see available camping sites when searching booking.com. When doing camping, there are various activities to do such as biking or walking along the trail of hunebeds, enjoying farm animals, or simply staring at the sky while enjoying a bonfire in a cold night.

Enjoying the farm life.
Living the farm life in Drenthe.
Enjoying the cozy ambiance in our room in the farm.

5. Stedelijk (City) Museum Coeverdon

The Stedelijk Museum Coevorden is a small museum that tells the history of the fortified town of Coevorden. This town was captured, destroyed, and rebuilt for several times in its history. The museum tells in a 12-minutes movie this violent history of Coeverdon. The entrance fee for this museum is free for 0-12 years old, 5 euros for 13-18 years old, and 6 euros for 19-64 years old.

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