Easter holiday in Zeeland: Celebrating eggs and sea salt

Easter holiday in Zeeland: Celebrating eggs and sea salt

Celebrating Easter every year is something that nobody can skip, even with the on-going coronavirus. Easter is a moment to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. It is also a reminder that for every hardship, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, just like there is a life after corona. The celebration of Easter in the beginning of spring also symbolizes new life and new beginnings. In the Netherlands, the Easter is celebrated for four days – during Good Fridays, Black Saturdays, Easter Sundays, and Easter Mondays. There are many fun Easter activities in the Netherlands, such as Easter egg decorating and Easter egg hunting, making Easter basket, and dining in with family just like how the Christmas is being celebrated. For many, Easter is also the time to have a break from work and to go on holidays.

This 2021, we decided to do things differently in celebrating Easter. In the past years, we stayed at home during Easters and celebrated with our close family. For instance, we ate Easter bread, a raisin bread filled with marzipan. After celebrating many Christmases and Easters in the Netherlands, I can conclude that Dutch Easter bread and Christmas bread are identical! We also hand-painted Easter eggs and searched for Easter eggs in our garden during Easter Sunday. On a last-minute this year (literally the night before we left for holiday), we decided to go on a Easter holiday in Zeeland. I guess it is a typical Dutch trait to be more agile and adaptive especially when a cheap holiday is found! We had been wanting to go nearby a beach so we decided to go to Zeeland. Before we experienced Zeeland during our summer holidays in 2017, see my Zeeland blog. Since it is just the beginning of spring, we expected that the vacation would be colder than our previous visit. Our expectation was more than correct! The nights were freezing, yet the afternoons were warm. We stayed in a Zeeuws mobile home at Marina Beach Vakantie Park. For a family like us with two young children, our stay in this vacation park highlights our Easter holiday in Zeeland.

Staying in a traditional Zeeuws mobile home is a different level of experience for our family.

Overall, we and especially our kids had a great experience with our eggs and sea salt holiday in Zeeland. We enjoyed it so much that we will definitely consider visiting a holiday park again for our next vacation. Below I will tell why the Marina Beach Vakantie Park is a good place for a family to visit in the Netherlands, especially during Easter holidays.

Why stay in Marina Beach Vakantie Park Zeeland, The Netherlands during Easter?

1.  There is a complete program for Easter holiday in Zeeland.

We expected that there would be little things to do on this holiday due to the on-going coronavirus. To our surprise, this vacation park offered a 4-days Easter program catered to families! For instance, there was a Meet & Greet and photo taking with their mascot Koos Maatroos, Easter game for the family, Easter egg hunting, Easter baskets making, Dance & disco parties, Animal parade, etc. Even though we went out only for one day for city tours and stayed mostly in this vacation park, our kids experienced a lot during our four days of stay!

Enjoying the morning program of the Easter Sunday, followed by Easter egg hunting in the afternoon.

2. Many entertainment areas for kids.

This vacation park is also filled with facilities to entertain kids. It has indoor and outdoor playground, boat station, fishing area, beach area, farm, and restaurants! By simply staying in the vacation park, there are already a lot of things to do for several days! Unfortunately, nearly all indoor activities were closed due to the corona lockdown. Still, the kids enjoyed their stay and even did not want to go home yet at the end of our Easter holiday in Zeeland.

Visiting the farm inside the Vakantie Park.

3. Marina Beach Vakantie Park is close to the nature area.

If you are already had enough of the kids entertainment inside the vacation park, then you can go to close-by nature areas. For instance, the Bird’s park is within the park’s ground. You can also sail on the Braakmankreek and enjoy the beach area.

Touring the coast of Breskens aan Zee.

4. Experience staying in a Zeeuws mobile home during your Easter holiday in Zeeland.

The Zeeuws mobile homes that Marina Beach Vakantie Park offers vary. There are accommodations that cater to family of four or six people. It is also possible to stay on a mobile home facing the beach, close to the fishing area, or on a more luxurious chalet. For us, the Zeeuws mobile home for four persons was perfect! It was actually cheaper compared to using a hotel. The Zeeuws mobile home is small, but definitely bigger than a hotel room and is complete with amenities. The only consideration is that there is no internet in the houses (so you are sort of isolated with the world, unless you go on an area with connection). It has also less heating, which makes it really cold in the night. Be sure to turn on the fire place when you go to bed. On a sunny day, you can sit outside to enjoy your dose of sunshine and to eat outside.

Playground besides our accommodation in Marina Beach Vakantie Park.

5. Experience the 6.6 kilometers Westerschelde tunnel!

Westerschelde tunnel is considered as the longest tunnel in the Netherlands. This tunnel is the connection between Westerschelde and the upper parts of the Netherlands, which is separated by the Scheldt river. Westerschelde is also a gateway to many of the Belgian cities. If you are coming from the middle or north of the Netherlands, you will pass by the underground tunnel to reach Marina Beach Vakantie Park. It takes around 5 minutes to drive through the tunnel, definitely a cool experience for the children! If you do not come from the middle or North of the Netherlands, it is still possible to pass the underground tunnel by going to bigger cities nearby such as the Middleburg and Vlissingen. The toll costs 5 euros per car.

Passing by the6.6 kilometer Westerschelde tunnel.

6. You can visit the Zeeland coast and enjoy the site of Vlissingen.

Marina Beach Vakantie Park is only 15-20 minutes away from the coastline of Westerchelde, Zeeland. In our case, we visited the Breskens aan Zee. Here kids can enjoy touring the coastline and can play in the sand dunes. On the other side of Breskens aan Zee, you will be mesmerized by the beautiful city of Vlissingen. Vlissingen is a famous harbour of many Dutch East India Companies during the colonization times of the Dutch in the 17th century. It is possible to take a ferry from Breskens aan Zee going to Oosterschelde, which is part of the mainland Netherlands.

Enjoying the afternoon walk in Breskens aan Zee.

7. Marina Beach Vakantie Park is very close to Belgian cities.

Since Marina Beach Vakantie Park is in the Southernmost of the Netherlands, it is already near the boundary of Belgium. From this vacation park, you can directly visit the medieval Belgian cities such as Ghent (40 km), Brugge (50 km), and Antwerp (65 kilometer) in less than an hour to an hour. To experience these cities, check out my blogs about Antwerp and Brugge. If you stayed a little longer, you may also visit famous children attraction in Belgium such as the Plopsaland and Boudewijn Seapark in Brugge.

Visiting the village of Philippine, Zeeland which is only 5 kilometers away from the Belgian border.

8. You get to enjoy the little things of a mobile home.

To conclude our eggs and sea salt holiday, we realized that when you go on a holiday with a family such as staying in a mobile home, you learn to enjoy little moments with them. During our Easter holiday in Zeeland, there are many small things that made our stay in a mobile home extra special. We can do a barbeque outside, sleep together in smaller beds, and appreciate the supermarket nearby the mobile home we stayed. In the end, it is not all about the number of tourist attractions you visit, but on the little things you do and with whom you enjoyed these memories.

Enjoying our food freshly bought from the supermarket.

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