Hanover Germany one day itinerary

Hanover Germany one day itinerary

Hanover Germany is not only a city of industrial image, but also a city filled with history, culture and old traditional style architectures as manifested by its reconstructed timbered houses and baroque style buildings and gardens. Hanover is the capital of the Lower Saxony state of Germany and is considered as the fourth largest city of Northern Germany next to Berlin, Bremen, and Hamburg. Since our camping place is close to Hanover Germany, it is very convenient for us to visit this city. We allocated a one day of visit to Hanover, as we had other German cities in our lists. To make our trip as efficient as possible, we parked in the Parkhaus Altstadt (Old town), which costs 2 euros per hour. From there, we started our tour of the city and visited as much places as we can, even when we were traveling with kids. For this blog, I will discuss the one day itinerary (few hours of visit) in Hanover Germany.

Map of one day itinerary in Hanover Germany.

Hanover Germany one day itinerary

1. Marktkirche Hanover Germany

The closest sight seeing place that you will see when walking from the parking place is the Marktkirche. It only takes around three minutes walk to reach this church. When translated in English, Marktkirche means Church in the Market. The Marktkirche is a 14th century Lutheran Church in Hanover Germany. The establishment of this church is dedicated to St. James and St. George, and thus its official name is Market Church of Saints George and James. This impressive church is unique in its own way, just like many churches in Europe. It is a well taken care of church with red stones and magnificent 17th century organ. We were fortunate to visit the church while the organ was being played. It felt like a free symphony concert inside the church. The powerful music played, in combination with bronze sculptures displayed inside the church, made a wholesome experience when visiting this church.

In front of the Marktkirche.
A nice art displayed at the back of Marktkirche.
One of the altars of the Marktkirche in Hanover Germany.

2. Altes Rathuis (Old Town Hall) Hanover Germany

Just next to the Marktkirche Hanover you can find the Old Town Hall. This beautiful building located in the Old Town of Hanover Germany was built for more than 100 years and consists of many intricate designs, statues and gabbles. Its eye catching edifice and red German bricks is a typical symbol of the Northern Germany. On a sunny day, this building is nice to capture since its colour blends with the sky and makes the building alive. Since the Town Hall is now to move a new place, the Altes Rathuis is now housing a coffee shop at the ground floor.

The beautiful design of Altes Rathuis (Old Town Hall).

3. Old Town Hanover Germany

Walk for an hour or two in the cobbled stone streets of the Old Town, while getting mesmerise with rows of traditional timber framed German houses that accommodates many shops, cafes, and restaurants. In history, many of these traditional houses have been bombarded during World War II. Thanks to the outstanding engineering skills of the Germans, many of these architectures were rebuilt into its old glory making locals and tourists enjoy what the Old Town should be if it was not destroyed by war. During Saturday, you can enjoy the flea market on the street and enjoy some street arts.

Beautiful rows of timber frame houses.
Overview of the bridge with modern architectures in the background (taken from the Old Town).
With traditional timber framed architectures in the Old Town.

4. Church of St. Egidius (Egidiuskerk) Hanover Germany

Church of St. Egidius, a 14th century church, is one of the three inner city churches of Hanover Germany. It is located to the eastern most of the city. As the name suggest, this church was built in honour of St. Egidius. A tower was added to this building during the 18th century, while a wonderful interior was decorated during the 19th century. However, this church was bombed during the World War II and it was decided to not restore the church. Nowadays, it becomes a monument in memory of the victims of war and violence.

Street arts in Hanover Germany
Nice arts for sale in the street of the Old Town.

5. Hanover New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus)

The New Town Hall is a castle like building that was built for 12 years during the reign of Emperor Wilhelm II. This building was started to be used in 1913. Inside the building, there is a tour where you can find displays of the development of the buildings. When viewed from the lake, this town hall offers a magnificent view! Viewing from the park (which we did) also gives a tranquil feeling since there is a park and big trees surrounding the area.

The view of the New Town Hall from the park.

6. Hanover Maschsee

Hanover Maschsee is a paradise in the middle of the city of Hanover. This artificial lake spans an area of 70 hectares (190 acres). There are various sports activities to do, such as rowing, riding a pedal boat, or skating. You can also spend you time in the beach pool or enjoy in one of the Biergärten. If you are interested to see a different view of Hanover Germany, you can also hop on one of the Maschsee boats, which sail every day until end of October.

Walking to the New Town Hall (in the background).
Resting in the park after a tiring walk of the city.

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