Madurodam The Hague: A kid’s play

Madurodam The Hague: A kid’s play

Madurodam is one of the tourist attractions to visit when in The Hague, Netherlands. This famous kids (as well as adults) attraction is named after George Maduro, a Dutch born in Curacao who studied law and fought the Nazis during the World War 2. Unfortunately, he died in the concentration camp of Dauchau in 1945 after a few months of being captured. In memory of their son, the parents of George donated a sum of money under their family name for the construction of Madurodam, a miniature park of famous landmarks, cities, and developments in the Netherlands. For instance, you will find a little version of Amsterdam, the different Dutch symbols and architectures such as castles, tulips, windmills, miniature trains, boats, and cars moving around Holland, and a built-in ship playground for kids. Visiting Madurodam takes around 2 hours but it can take a bit longer if you have kids who love playing around. For this blog, I will show the highlights when in Madurodam.

Walking around Madurodam.

What are the highlights of Madurodam?

1. George Maduro’s story

At the beginning of your tour at Madurodam, you will find the miniature birthplace of George Maduro, the tropical country of Curacao. Next to it is the theater that tells the story of George Maduro using a film. This is a nice start to know the person behind the construction of the Madurodam.

The birthplace of George Maduro, with a big mansion and sea on the background.

2. Mini Amsterdam

You can also discover Amsterdam without actually being in the streets of Amsterdam. The mini Amsterdam exhibits some of the beautiful buildings in Amsterdam, such as the Dam Square, the canal houses, and the Rijksmuseum. Of course, if you are interested to know more about the “real” Amsterdam, you can find more information in my blog Amsterdam Netherlands: Fun facts and Experiences.

The Dam Square of Amsterdam.

3. Dutch beautiful palaces in Madurodam

Along the miniature buildings, you will find as well the mini-version of famous palaces in the Netherlands. These include the Het Loo Palace, Drakensteyn Palace, Peace Palace, or even the palace turned university school of Nyenrode!

The palace turned university of Nyenrode.
The palace garden.

4. Miniature Dutch trains

You will also find in the park the miniature version of the NS Dutch trains running through the central stations of Rotterdam, Groningen, and Utrecht. Curious if these trains go fast as what they are intended to do? Come and and check them.

5. Mini Schiphol Airport

In addition to trains, you can also find a mini replica of one of the most modern airports in the world, the Schiphol Airport. In its parking place you will find as well as the Dutch KLM airplanes. Who knows if these may inspire kids to be future pilot!

6. Port of Rotterdam Water play area

Visitors will also have the chance to see how the port of Rotterdam works, with several cargoes and ships being transported. What’s even more, children can even play with them in the water.

7. Wadden sea/Ship playgrounds

A little bit older children can play in the sand, climb and rock the ship, go on a zip line, or simply play in the sand. This can be a relaxing moment for parents while the children play.

8. Dutch symbols

Another highlights of Madurodam are the various Dutch symbols. Have a photo with the windmills, clogs, or the tulips (during the warmer season). You can even get a clog delivered by a mini-vehicle, by dropping 1 euro in the machine, as a souvenir.

Where do I buy tickets for Madurodam?

The tickets for Madurodam can be bought in its website, in the entrance, or in some discount online shops such as Social Deal (if there are promotions). The costs of ticket on a fixed date is 18 euros while flexible tickets (without dates) is 23 euros. This can be very expensive for an hour or two of experience.

If you are a family with kids, the price of tickets can also accumulate. Therefore it would be best to enjoy as much as possible the attractions. Otherwise, buy a discounted ticket to make your visit a good value for money.

What are the places to visit close to Madurodam?

If you are in The Hague, you can also visit its vibrant city center, the Royal palace, or the Scheveningen beach! Interested to visit the other cities in the Netherlands? Then check out our Top 20 places to visit in the Netherlands.

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