Nature tour in The Hague Netherlands

Nature tour in The Hague Netherlands

Nature tour in The Hague Netherlands is a nice experience for children. The Hague is famous for being the seat of the government and the residence of the Royal Family of The Netherlands. In addition to this, The Hague has beautiful nature areas ranging from beaches and dunes, gardens, farms, and zoos. As a family with young children, going on city trip especially for several days is very challenging, that’s why we always opt to go on a nature trip. It is more relax, educational, and less busy than city trips. As a regular visitor of The Hague, I will discuss some nature tour in The Hague Netherlands. Since some of the places are located outside the city itself, we recommend to visit these places by car since going by public transport can be very time-consuming, especially if you want to do all trips in one day.

Nature tour in The Hague Netherlands

1. Sea Life Scheveningen

Discover the different sea water species in the underwater world of Sea Life Scheveningen. The fish and other sea species are from the North Sea, which is facing the Netherlands, as well as other tropical species. It will take an hour to 2 to see everything when visiting this place. Tickets for Sea Life Scheveningen can be bought in the website of the attraction itself, via this link. The visit to Sea Life Scheveningen can also be combined with Legoland Discovery Centre, another kid’s attraction in The Hague. But if you are only interested to visit Sea Life Scheveningen and want to get discount, make sure to check the websites of,, and You’ll be surprised how much you can save by using this sites.

A beautiful specie of fish in Sea Life Scheveningen.

2. Scheveningen Beach

Since you are already in Scheveningen, you can also visit the Scheveningen beach, which faces the North Sea. Relaxing in its long coastline and pristine sand is a nice activity, especially for children. However, during the summer, this beach can be very busy while on colder months, the water can be very cold for swimming. Interestingly, during the last day of the old year, many locals jump or swim in the water of Scheveningen beach to welcome the new year. This beach is accessible by a tram from the city centre of The Hague, or by cars and bike using well-connected roads.

The view of Scheveningen beach, taken by Jeroen Maas of Unsplash.

3. Japanese Garden (Clingendael) The Hague

Enjoy the colours and design of Japanese Garden without being in Japan. The Japanese Garden is a beautiful nature area that blends Japanese culture and history, in The Netherlands. This garden has a 16th century manor surrounded by various gardens. The size of the Japanese garden itself is not big and it is only open on limited time of the year (2 weeks during spring, 2 weeks during autumn). However, the visit could be worth it as it is a unique view when in The Netherlands.

4. Vlienders aan de Vliet

Vlienders aan de Vliet is a beautiful butterfly farm located in Leidschendam, just 20 minutes drive from the city of The Hague. This butterfly farm has a tropical ambience and temperature, and houses many of the tropical flora and faunas. When we visited this place, we even had a chance to experience to hold a snake in our hand, of course with guidance from a personnel of the butterfly arm. Vlienders aan de Vliet also has many beautiful butterflies, hence named butterfly farm, a well-maintained garden and a nice terrace to relax after your tour.

A bird specie inside Vlienders can de Vliet.
The well-maintained garden inside Vlienders aan de Vliet.

5. Boerderij ‘t Geertje

Take another country side road trip and visit the Boerderij ‘t Geertje in Zoeterwoude, which is just 20 minutes aways from the Vlienders man de Vliet. There are many things to do for children in this family-owned farm. Children can feed the goats with milk, tour around the farm and see many of the farm animals, eat biological home-made ice cream, rent and ride a canoe, play in the playground and so on. The entrance to the farm is free, and similar to many free farms to visit in The Netherlands, buying farm products can help in the continuous operation of the farm.

Touring the garden of the farm.
The permaculture farm of Boerderij ‘t Geertje.

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