Oostappen Vakantiepark De Berckt

Oostappen Vakantiepark De Berckt

Oostappen Vakantiepark De Berckt is a castle themed vacation park located in Baarlo, Limburg. This vacation park is very close to major cities such as Venlo (10 minutes drive) and Roermond (20 minutes drive) in the Netherlands, and Mönchengladbach Germany (30 minutes drive). But even though you just stay in the neighbourhood of the park itself, there are still quite a number of things to do that your family and friends will never get bored during their visit. We book Oostappen vakantiepark every year and our stay in De Berckt is indeed again a different experience. You can read my blog on Oostappen Vakantieparks Marina Beach (Zeeland) and Brugse Heide (Eindhoven). In this blog I will discuss the activities and our review of De Berckt.

Things to do when in Oostappen Vakantiepark De Berckt

1. Swim in the swimming paradise of Oostappen Vakantiepark de Berckt.

This vacation park has an indoor swimming pools, with slides, for family and for kids. In addition, they have sauna, steam bath, and bubbles for relaxation. There is a restaurant Silveren Paerdt, which is only open every Saturday and Sunday from 12:00-16:00 (at the time of our stay). The swimming area is also open only during Saturday (10:00-18:00) and Sunday (10:00-16:00) so make sure that you take this in consideration when booking your stay. In the summer time, this opening time might vary.

Inside the swimming area of the park.
The knight themed swimming pool.

2. Play in the outdoor playground.

There is also an outdoor playground in this vacation park. There is a castle theme play area, midget golf, trampoline, and small kid’s playground around the park. According to the staff that we chatted with, during summer, there are other activities or stalls in the park which we did not see during our visit. However, booking accommodation in this park is expensive during summer and we still find it nice to have a relax holiday with less people.

Castle themed playground.
Playing in the trampoline of the park.

3. Relax in Drakennest (restaurant) or De Kroon Snacks (snack bar).

Oostappen Vakantiepark de Berckt has also a restaurant and snack bar, which are only open during Friday-Sunday. Make sure to also take this into consideration during booking. Overall, the restaurant and snack bar are reasonable in price (less pricy than normal ones). For instance, we tried twice the bucket of fries (good for 4 people) with 4 snacks for only 13,10. In those two times that we bought this menu, we couldn’t eve finished the fries since it is literally a lot!

With the “small” bucket of fries in De Kroon Snacks (bar).

4. Visit castles in the neighbourhood of Oostappen Vakantiepark de Berckt.

This vacation park has castles and knight theme, thanks to its location. Baarlo is known as castle village because there are numerous castles in the neighbourhood! If you look at google map, you can find more than 5 castles close to this vacation park. We were not able to visit one due to our busy schedule, but we will surely do it the next time we book this park.

Posing with the knight statue.

5. Go shopping in Roermond.

If you and your family is into shopping, you will also be in luck since this vacation park is close to Roermond outlet shopping. Just 20 minutes drive and you are close to buying your favourite brands at outlet price. In

Water fountain in Roermond where many kids are playing.
Roermond during winter.

6. Have a day trip at Germany.

Oostappen Vakantiepark de Berckt is also close to Germany, in fact in 10-15 minutes you are already in the German border. If you want to visit bigger cities, then you can go to Mönchengladbach (30 minutes away), Duisburg (40 minutes) or Dusseldorf (45 minutes) by car. There are lots of things to do when in the German cities, such as discovering the city centre, tasting German cuisines and beers, and trying German delicacies such as Berlinnerbol (German filled donuts). See my blog on Dusseldorf Germany One day itinerary for inspiration on what to do in this city.

Day trip at Mönchengladbach during our stay in the park.
Falling in line for Berlinerbol in Mönchengladbach.

Our review of Oostappen Vakantiepark De Berckt.

Overall, Oostappen Vakantiepark de Berckt is a very good value for money. We booked our vacation via Voordeeluitjes (I highly recommend this place when booking Oostappen accommodations because they offer the best deal among other booking sites). For 4days/3 nights, we paid only 162 euros. This include stay at 40 sq. meter house (with 3 rooms), taxes per person per night, costs of bed linen, welcome wine (which could have been better quality), welcome coffee/thee or lemonade, and free entrance to swimming area for the five of us. What makes the park a good deal is the swimming attraction. If you rented an accommodation in the park, all members of your family get free entrance to the swimming area during the duration of your stay (of course only when it is open). If you are a guest (no booked accommodation), you need to pay 9,50 euros for adults or 7,50 per child for entrance fee in the swimming area. In our case, it is equivalent to 72 euros, which we saved if we do the activity in other place! Make sure that when you book accommodation, you timed it in on the days that the swimming area is open. Normally it is in the weekend. If you book from Monday-Thursday, expect that most faicilities are closed. 

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