Railway Museum (Spoorwegmuseum): A kid’s play?

Railway Museum (Spoorwegmuseum): A kid’s play?

The Railway Museum (Spoorwegmuseum) is another fun activity with children in the Netherlands. Located in Utrecht the Netherlands, the Railway museum shows the past, present, and future train developments (such as the Hyperloop trains). If you and your kids are planning to visit the Railway Museum (Spoorwegmuseum), you may wonder if it is worth a visit. Let me answer your question in this blog. First I begin with what you see in the Railway Museum (Spoorwegmuseum) followed by the practicalities and our review.

What are the attractions in the Railway Museum (Spoorwegmuseum)?

1. The Steel Monsters

Steel Monster is one of the most exciting attraction in the Railway Museum. This roller coaster ride takes you to the underground and dark corner of the museum. The setting is like in an industrial revolution time, where the ride tours you on the different aspects of how the train was made and the different professions of the railways. The waiting line for this ride is quite long so patience is needed if you want to experience the Steel Monster. In addition, this ride is suitable for 4 years old and above, under the supervision of the parents.

In front of the Steel Monster.

2. Techlab

The Techlab is another attraction that can spark the imagination and way of thinking of kids. It is about engineering and technology. This lab shows demonstrations on several interesting stuff, such as how the train moves, how brakes work on the train, and how a pigeon can sit on the wire without being electrocuted. Children will learn these while playing and simulating these things.

Trying some demonstrations in the Techlab.

3. Theater (Trips of your Dream)

This theater presentation makes you travel back in time of luxurious international travels using trains. Example of this is the Orient Express. The Steam Theater has daily shows about traveling on the Orient Express, and who knows, maybe this will encourage you try this once in your life.

The Orient Express Wagon.
The luxurious train travel The Orient Express.

4. The Great Discovery

This attraction brings you back to the underground museum set on the early 19th century. Here you will find De Arend, the first locomotive steam train in the Netherlands. This train is located next to the decorated platform of d’Eenhonderd Roe station, waiting for passengers to ride and depart in the station.

Climbing De Arend.

5. Trial by Fire

This attraction is an award winning attraction, which allows visitor to experience how to be an engine driver in the old days. This simulation experience takes visitor to the history of the train starting from 200 years ago and ends up with the Trial by Fire.

6. Playground

Located outside of the main building, the playground is a nice break from the fun education of the museum. It allows children to play. They can take a slide, operate a pump trolley, or climb in the boat.

Outside facilities of the Railway Museum.

7. Jumbo Express

Close to the playground you will find the Jumbo Express – a small train where children (not parents) from 3 years old can ride during good weather. The Jumbo Express operated 40 trips per day between 12:00-15:00. Still the waiting line for this ride can be long, so make sure to reserve sufficient time for waiting.

8. Hyperloop (exhibit in Railway Museum)

This exhibition shows the future of the train. Unlike the trains driven by locomotive steam, diesel, and electricity, future trains needs to be sustainable and climate neutral. The hyperloop train is a prototype of a vaccuum train, or a train that travels to tube at extremely high speed. Instead of having wheels, this train floats on magnet and the tube contains the vacuum that moves the train. By having zero resistance, almost no energy is needed.

The Hyperloop train.

9. Hop-on hop-off train (Exhibit and Tour)

You will find various trains on display both inside and outside the museum. It is possible to go and have a look on the inside of the train to experience how is it to be in this train. It is possible to join the scheduled tour, which is on a first come first serve basis.

SS13 train exhibit.

10. Model stockroom (Exhibit in Railway Museum)

The model stockroom shows a collection of various railway models, the people behind these models, and those who built and own them. The models include factory and locomotive models, unique collector items, and DIY models.

Trying on the exhibit ride inside the museum.

Practicalities on your visit in the Railway Museum

Where can I buy ticket for Railway Museum?

Tickets are available in the website of Railway Museum, though it will cost you full-ticket price. For discounted tickets, check constantly if there are promotions in SocialDeal, ANWB or even the NS Spoordeelwinkel (Train + Attraction package). If you have a Museum card or Bank Giro Lotterij card, then you can get the entrance ticket for free. If you pay for the full-price, make sure that your child is old enough to enjoy the attraction, otherwise it will be a very limited day-out for a rather high price if children are too young.

Parking place

The parking in the Railway museum is very limited, therefore come early if you want to have a spot. You have to pay 12,50 per day for the parking fee, versus the 5,45 euros per hour on the streets surrounding the Railway Museum (Spoorwegmuseum). Quite expensive if you are too late to claim your parking spot!

The Restaurant and Souvenir Shop in the Railway Museum

The restaurant is decent but not exactly cheap. The Souvenirs in the shop are fun, but way over price. In many cases, you can order the produce such as the Brio trains for less than 50-60% of the price as compared to buying them on the spot. Be sure to check the price online before buying.

Is visiting Railway Museum (Spoorwegmuseum) a kid’s play?

To answer the question, is visiting railway Railway Museum a kid’s play? Not without a proper planning! If you plan it wrongly, meaning if you plan on a busy day, pay a costly parking fee, and had to spend large of your time queieng for the rides, it is definitely not an attractive deal. However, if you can find a nice deal and experience most of the attractions, then it is a fun day out for a reasonable price. I hope this blog inform you sufficiently and be sure to take this into account in your planning.

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