Saverne France one day itinerary

Saverne France one day itinerary

Who would have thought that somewhere in the northeast of France lies a small, charming, and historically rich town of Saverne? Our visit to Saverne France was by accident. My family and I were on a camping trip in the Alsace region of France when we decided to visit nearby small towns instead of big cities. Just a few kilometers from our camp site is the town of Saverne, which is 27 miles northwest of Strasbourg. Saverne was known as Tres Tabermae Casaris, or Ceasar’s Three Taverns during the Roman times. Since this town is small, doing Saverne France one day itinerary is possible. The multi-culturality of Saverne is very visible. The German influences can be seen in its half-timbered architectures, while some buildings have Romanesque facades. There are various French restaurants in the city. On top of this, since Saverne is located in the valley surrounded by mountains, the town gives an ambience of being in Switzerland (though on a cheap price since the place is still located in France).

Beautiful corners of Saverne France.
The view of the mountain from Saverne’s town center.

Touring Saverne can take half day to a whole day, depending on how much time you have. Below I will discuss Saverne France one day itinerary. Note that this trip is suitable by car, not by public transport.

Saverne France one day itinerary

1. Chateau du Haut-Barr

The Chateau du Haut-Barr (Haut-Barr Castle), known as “The Eye of Alsace”, provides a 360 degrees view of the Alsace region. After 1.5 km walk in the shade of the forest, you can find a very interesting old castle ruin. The Haut-Barr Castle is a 12-century medieval castle, which went through several destruction and alterations as can be seen in its violent history. This castle is also know for its legendary “Devil’s Bridge”, which connects two sandstone rocks. The entrance to the castle is free and below thee is parking space for free.

Chateau du Haut-Barr Saverne.
Climbing up the Chateau du Haut-Barr.
Resting on the sandstone of Chateau du Haut-Barr.

2. Chateau des Rohan (Rohan Castle)

Chateau des Rohan was once home to many Cardinals and Princes of Strasbourg. This old castle was built in 1417, and was restored many times after being burnt for several times. The last time it was rebuilt was in 1790. Nowadays, Chateau des Rohan is a huge museum that houses collection of Roman and Celtic artifacts, and other reminders of its previous history. For instance, it once served as hospital by the Germans during World War. Being adjacent to the canal, travelers can look at the picturesque city of the Chateau from their boat.

Playing in front of Chateau des Rohan.
The history of Chateau des Rohan.

3. Jardin Botanique de Saverne France

The botanical garden of Saverne, also known as Jardine Botanique de Saverne in French, is a garden free of charge for visitors during weekends and warm months. This garden was established in 1931 at the Saverne hillside and houses several collections of orchids, ferns, and other rare plants species.

Walking in one of the streets of Saverne.

4. Notre Dame dela Nativite Saverne France

This old cathedral of Notre Dame dela Nativite was built in 12th century, and thus a very old architecture located in the main street of Saverne. During the 13th century, this cathedral has been consecrated to Saint Bartholemew, and later on became Augustinian collegiate church in the 14th century. There are benches in front of the Notre Dame dela Nativite, where you can sit to admire this old architecture and to enjoy the tranquility of the place.

Approaching the Notre Dame de Nativite Saverne.
The 12th century Notre Dame de Nativite Saverne.

5. Saverne’s high street Grand’Rue

Walking along the high streets of Saverne (Grand’Rue) is also a relaxing way to experience the city. Since it is a small town, it is not as busy as compared to big French cities such as Paris and Strasbourg. You can enjoy the view of the fountains and old houses, hotels, shops and restaurants in the streets.

Buildings on the high street of Saverne.
View of half-timbered house in the high street of Saverne.
Dining in one of the restaurants of Saverne France.

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