Tulip tours in Flevoland: Experience Dutch culture

Tulip tours in Flevoland: Experience Dutch culture

Tulip tours in Flevoland is an alternative tulip field visit to Keukenhof. This tour provides map of various field sites (in fact there are three map choices) that brings you to hundred of hectares of tulip fields. The tulip tours in Flevoland is a unique experience because it brings you to a country side setting that is close to the sea, farms, and nature areas. Flevoland is now one of the biggest tulip farms in the Netherlands, next to North and South Holland. The prices of the land in Flevoland is cheaper than in North and South Holland so no wonder many farmer moved their tulips farming in Flevoland. I visit Keukenhof flower garden every year, but since I went to Flevoland this week, I would prefer to comeback now in Flevoland. Both tulip fields are unique and beautiful in their own ways. If you are interested to know the Keukenhof tulip garden in Lisse South Holland, you can read my blog Keukenhof: Beautiful flower garden in the Netherlands. For those who want to visit the tulip tours in Flevoland, I highly recommend it for car drive, biking, or motorbiking. Below I will outline the reasons why this tour is must.

Beautiful tulip field in Flevoland stretching as far as your eyes can see.

Reasons for doing tulip tours in Flevoland

1. The cost of tulip tours in Flevoland is cheap.

Doing tulip tours in Flevoland is way cheaper than in Keukenhof. The entrance for Keukenhof is 19,50 euros per person, plus 6 euros parking fee. If you decide to buy some souvenirs as well as food in Keukenhof, all of these will add up to a hundred of euros because Keukenhof offers touristic prices. In Flevoland, however, you only need to pay for the route in the map which is 5 euros. In theory you can skip this cost since you can simply drive and have a photo in the tulip field. But let’s support the local farmers, so let’s pay the price for their hard work and for offering us this beautiful sites. Extra cost you can incur is the gasoline for driving or the price of renting car, but if you use electric car, then the cost is almost nothing! In addition, if you choose to buy consumables or souvenirs in the starting point of the tour whether it is a bed and breakfast or a farm, the price is very reasonable since Flevoland is not an expensive place to live. For example, a coffee will cost 1.75-2 euros but in touristic place you have to pay 3-3.75 euros.

Endless tulip field of various colors.
The first farm that we visited in tulip field Flevoland.

2. Less tourists in your tulip field photo.

Tulip field in Flevoland is a less travel road for tourists and locals. In fact, I was surprised to see that most of its visitors are internationals living in the Netherlands, but not many Dutch know this place. Once you visit Flevoland during the blooming season, grab your chance to have a photo in tulips field without tourists in the background! In Keukenhof, it is difficult to find a spot to take a photo of yourself with the tulips without tourists in the background. While Flevoland is still less visited, enjoy the privacy in this beautiful nature.

Ask permission before you walk in the tulips. Most farms do not allow this, so give respect to the wishes of the farmers.
Photo in the field of light pink tulips.
Red-orange tulips.

3. Take your time and enjoy picnic in the tulip fields in Flevoland.

Some of the tulip fields that we visited have no visitors at all! Therefore, we grabbed the opportunity to do private photo sessions on the tulip field that as far as the eye can stretch. At the same time, we also took this moment to relax and do picnic. You can replicate this activities in Keukenhof, but the privacy and relaxation experience is way different.

Enjoying our time for doing photo shoot in the tulip field.
Moving from one tulip field to another.
Relaxing and private nature area of the tulip farm in Flevoland.

4. Enjoy the bike, motorbike, or car drive of your tulip tour in Flevoland.

This tulip tour is not suited for walking since you have to go from farm to farm of tulip field. Since one route can talk many kilometers, it is advisable to do biking or driving by car or motor bike. To optimize your time, I suggest to buy your card and follow the tulip field route in Tulpen Route Flevoland.

While driving, we stopped in this field to have a rest.
Another tulip farm taken during the car drive.

5. Enjoy farm products at reasonable prices.

There are some farms that you can directly visit during your tours. From there you can buy souvenirs such as tulip bulbs, tulip decorations, or farm-related products such as cheese or biological produce. Buying directly to the farm is a win-win situation because you help directly the farmers while at the same time enjoying the reasonable price.

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