World of Dinos Expo Netherlands: A kids’ play?

World of Dinos Expo Netherlands: A kids’ play?

World of Dinos is a yearly exposition in various places in the Netherlands. In December 2022-January 2023, the event is held in Haarlemmermeer in Amsterdam. In summer July-August 2021, the exposition is held in World Forum The Hague. The World of Dinos is an educational exposition for both children and adults. It introduces visitors to documentaries, excavations, exhibits, and kids play related to dinosaurs from various eras. More importantly, the exposition features over 50 life size moving and roaring dinosaurs.

Since there are many dinosaur attractions in the Netherlands (see for example my post about Dinoland Zwolle), you may wonder if World of Dinos is worth a visit for kids and family? Here is a review of our recent visit in World of Dinos during winter 2022-2023. The reviews are a combination of both positive and of points for improvements in World of Dinos.

A photo with Triceratops.

Review: World of Dinos Expo visit in Amsterdam

1. Fun education with Dinos (Pro)

With many dinosaurs exhibit to see, children and parents are educated about the dinosaurs in a fun way. The adventure begins with treasure hunt, which includes questions about specific dinosaurs and some letters to find within the dinosaurs exhibit. There is also a movie about dinosaurs including some quizzes that are relatively easy to be understood by children. This makes learning about dinosaurs fun and easy for all the members of the family.

T-rex skull in the World of Dinos exhibit.
Playing inside the Dinosaur’s mouth.

2. Fun play in the Kids Zone (Pro)

After the long exhibits of the dinosaurs, the more fun part for children comes at the end of the tour. There is a Kids Zone full of games the kids can play. There are sand for excavating dinos, lego blocks for building, dinosaur coloring, a small dino train-ride, inflated jungle jumping place for kids, etc. Expect that the kids will spend an equal amount of time here as being in the exhibition.

Excavating the T-Rex dinosaur’s skeleton in the Kids’ Zone play area.

3. Great for photos because of the “Realistic” backgrounds (Pro)

Exhibited dinosaurs in the World of Dinos Expo were placed with nice backgrounds of various places worldwide, such as in the forests, deserts, mountains, or seas. These backgrounds are good for photo shoots and make dinosaurs look alive.

Dinosaurs’ exhibit in a nice background.
Dinosaur’s exhibit in a nice background.

4. Costs can accumulate (Con)

Although Kids Zone is a fun play area, experiencing some of its attractions can accumulate costs. For example, you need to pay 5 euros to have a photo with World of Dinos background, two euros for moving dino rides, a euro for sitting dino rides, and 0.50 cents for the table hockey game. The Dino shop could also even be cheaper. The food in the cafeteria were also expensive. You need to pay 3.50 euros for bottle of sodas or drinks or 4.50 euros for soup (perhaps an effect of inflation this year). On top of all these costs, the parking fee is 10 euros. So if you want to save during your trip, make sure to bring your own food and experience play areas for free. It doesn’t make the experience less anyway.

Tripper’s photo booth in the Kids’ Zone (This is for free).

5. Treasure hunt reward (Con)

Treasure hunt reward is a small token, which is a ranger pass (Spolier alert, so do not tell your kids!). It is made of a piece of paper that easily breaks. Making the ranger pass on a plastic paper or 3D with reflecting dino could be slightly more expensive but can give much satisfaction for kids.

The verdict about the World of Dinos

All in all it is a fun day out in the World of Dinos. The World of Dinos are suited for family and kids of various ages, though expect that depending on the ages of the children, they will show different interests in the exhibits. Without a discount for the ticket, the visit to the World of Dinos will be a bit expensive. If you follow the tips to save on this blog, the Dino Show outing for family is worth it and definitely a kids’ play.

A close look up at the dinosaur exhibit.

Where can I buy the tickets for World of Dinos?

The ticket for World of Dinos can be bought on the website of the exposition. See the link here. The prices of tickets for adults (from 12 years above) and for children (3 to 11 years old) vary and also depend on the season (summer or winter for instance). Note that there are also other ticket providers for the expo that provide discounts. These include Kruidvat, ANWB, and Groupon. Once you get the ticket, online reservation is needed to visit the expo. Then you are ready to go in experiencing the roaring dinos!

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