Ouwehands Zoo (Dierenpark): A child’s play

Ouwehands Zoo (Dierenpark): A child’s play

Ouwehands Zoo (Ouwehands Dierenpark) is a family friendly zoo located in Rhenen, The Netherlands. This zoo is very popular among Dutch, and perhaps to a few internationals who live in Wageningen or in nearby cities in Rhenen such as Veneendaal and Utrecht. As I mentioned in my blog: Why Wageningen Netherlands is special, Ouwehands Zoo is one of the must places to visit if you stay either on a short- or long-term in Wageningen, especially if you have children. Of course, Ouwehands Zoo is also a friendly place for couples or group of friends. Since I live in Wageningen (around 5-minutes drive to the zoo) and my kids love animals, we are regular visitors of Ouwehands Zoo. Every visit we made is surely a different experience. Are you wondering if Ouwehands Zoo is worth a visit? In this blog, I will outline what to expect in this zoo and why a visit to this zoo is a child’s play.

Ouwehands Zoo: A child’s play

1. Travel around the world without leaving the Netherlands

Ouwehands Zoo is home to many animals around the world, and the best way for these animals to thrive is to make them feel at home. This zoo makes sure that it mimics the natural habitat of these animals. For instance, you can find the giraffe and zebra in the African Safari setting. The tropical jungle houses many snakes, turtles, frogs and birds from the inside and the lions from the outside. The temperate forest has been the home for brown and wild bears. The lagoon is the place for many sealions and seals. Of course one should not miss the Pandasia, a Chinese temple-like building that is home to Xing Xa and Wu Wen, two pandas from China. Simply being in Ouwehands Zoo, you can experience a world tour within the Netherlands in a day.

2.Expect to see lots of animals at close range in Ouwehands Zoo

Some of the animals in this zoo, whether indoor or outdoor, can be seen in close range. For instance, the giraffe can be seen very closely, which is good for photo moment, since their foods are placed close to visitors. You can also get an eye-to-eye contact with the polar bear through a glass barrier while they swim. It is also possible to experience and see from underwater the swimming and resting penguins. Some of the animals in the outdoor such as the flamingos, turtles, and some farm animals can also be seen (and some farm animals can be touch).

3.You get to see the giant pandas

Are you fan of the show Kung Fu panda and want to see pandas in real life? The Ouwehands Zoo has it! The giant pandas are the main attractions of Ouwehands Zoo since it is the only zoo in the Netherlands and a few in the world, that have the giant pandas. The pandas, a male and a female, are originally from China and is rented by the Ouwehands Zoo for 15 years starting from 2017. These pandas produced a baby panda (now two years old) namely Fan Xing via natural mating. Isn’t it cool to still see pandas nowadays since these animals are getting extinct?

4. You get to enjoy and be mesmerized by the Sea lion show.

The Sea lion show is something that you should not miss when visiting Ouwehands zoo. Next to panda experience, it is also one of the beautiful features of this zoo. You get to see the performances and exhibitions of the sea lions that come from the coast of California USA. These creatures are quite intelligent and watching their show is a good exposure for children.

5. This zoo have various shows in various occasions.

Another thing that we appreciate in this zoo are the shows that they showcase on different occasions. They have musical performances during Sinterklaas and winter shows. There is a festival light every October to March. Whatever time of the year you visit, you will not run out of shows in this zoo.

6. Lots of children play area.

This zoo is definitely a child’s play since there are plenty of play areas. This zoo has outdoor trampoline with an outdoor jeepney and crocodile statues for children to play with. It also has a specific indoor playground named Ravotapia. This playground is full of climbing areas made of natural woods that allow children to climb like apes.

Where to buy tickets for Ouwehands Zoo?

Tickets for the Ouwehands Zoo can be bought in multiple websites. You can buy ticket in their website but you need to pay for full price: 27 euros for 10 years old and above and 24 euros for 3-9 years old (babies 0-2 years old are free of entrance). The full price can be too much for a day-out so make sure to check out some websites for promotions, such as Social Deal and Groupon. It is also possible to get discounts on other establishments such as Albert Heijn, Kruidvat, or Etos. Of course, if you are a regular visitor, the cheapest way to visit is by having a yearly subscription for the zoo. The subcription can costs more than 50 euros per year but if you made 3-4 times visit in a year, you can easily get back the subscription.

How to go to Ouwehands Zoo?

This zoo is accessible by car from Amsterdam/Utrecht via A12 and from Nijmegen/Rotterdam via A15. You can also take a bus 352 and 50 from Arnhem and Wageningen bus station. From Veneendaal de Klomp you need to take bus 50. Of courswe, it is also possible to bike to the zoo if you live in Wageningen.

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