Bangkok Thailand: Corona proof family travel

Bangkok Thailand: Corona proof family travel

In my previous blog Bangkok Thailand test & go (Quarantine free) travel, I highlighted the travel requirements and costs for a Test & Go (Quarantine free) travel in Bangkok Thailand. If you have completed the steps for collecting the documents and applying for a Thailand Pass, congratulations! You are ready to travel to Thailand. As a family, we choose to go to Bangkok Thailand because it is the most strategic location to visit before going to Philippines. The Bangkok Thailand travel was truly a memorable experience for us and we considered ourselves lucky. We were able to enter Thailand in December 2021, before the height of omicron coronavirus transmission worldwide. After our 8 days stays in Bangkok Thailand, the quarantine free travel to Thailand was momentarily stopped to prevent further spread of omicron coronavirus.

Now that Thailand opens again its Test & Go (Quarantine free) program, I will highlight in this blog some corona proof activities for a family when visiting Bangkok Thailand. During our visit last year, we saw how vibrant the city of Bangkok is amidst the corona pandemic. Many shops were open and many people roamed the streets and the city. The hotel that we stayed in had lots of guests coming from different countries. Through this blog, we wish you and your family an enjoyable and safe stay in Bangkok Thailand.

Corona proof family activities when in Bangkok Thailand

For a safe and relaxing Bangkok experience, below are corona-proof activities in Bangkok Thailand.

1. Visiting the Grand Palace in Bangkok Thailand

Experience the richness of culture and religion of Thailand by visiting the Royal Grand Palace in Bangkok. The Grand palace was built in 1782 and features not only the royal halls and palaces, but also the Temple of the Emerald of Buddha. Because of corona, there are less visitors in the Bangkok Grand Palace. This ensures that your family can keep distance from the locals and other travellers. At the same time, they provide nice hand gels for free at the entrance of the palace. In addition, there are plenty of shaded areas around the Grand Palace to protect your family, especially kids, against extreme heat. Make sure to have your money ready when visiting the Grand palace. There is an entrance fee of 500 Baht (around 14 euros) per adult, while children are exempted from paying a fee.

2. Bangkok Floating Market

Floating market is another picture that comes to a traveller’s mind when visiting Bangkok. There are various floating markets in Thailand to visit. You can find a lists of the floating market via this site. Among these floating markets, we visited the Damnoen Saduak Floating market, which is more than an hour drive away from Bangkok city. This market is very touristic including the prices of the products being sold, so you need to haggle. Otherwise, you will pay 3-5 times more price as compared to a normal shop! We reached this floating market by hiring a van driver for 700 baht (around 20 euros). The kids definitely enjoyed the boat tour since they saw some tropical animals in the river and experienced to feed a fish during our stop in a Buddha temple. In relation to corona, there were quite few tourists and sellers in the floating market. This ensures that distance can be kept as well.

3. Pratunam Shopping Mall

Since we stayed in The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam in Bangkok, going to Pratunam shopping mall is relatively quite easy. It is literally one-minute walking distance from the hotel! The hotel building is connected with the shopping mall so you can enter and exit the shopping mall from the hotel. It is nice to shop in this mall because the prices are cheaper compared to other shopping malls close to the hotel. There are also some night shops on the streets of Pratunam so you can never had enough of shopping. The nice thing during the corona pandemic is that the shopping mall has few visitors so your family is ensured of less chance of infections against corona.  

4. Michelin Star Restaurants in Bangkok Thailand

One thing that surprised us during our visit to Bangkok is that there are many Michelin Star restaurants around the city! What’s even more is that the price is not so expensive. For instance, I tried a chicken from a 2-star Michelin restaurant close to the hotel for only 90 baht (2.50 euros)! Indeed, the experience was rewarding since for the price I paid, the quality of food is ensured. You may refer to this site for a guide to different Michelin star restaurants in Bangkok Thailand.  

One of the Michelin Star restaurants in Bangkok Thailand.

5. Enjoy your 5-star hotel in Bangkok Thailand

For a low price, it is possible to stay in a 5-star hotel in Bangkok Thailand. When I compared the 50 euros per night stay that we had in Bangkok Thailand to the hotel that we stayed in Manila Philippines, I concluded that I could never stay in a 5-star hotel in Manila for a week. Luckily, the cheap price in Bangkok Thailand makes our experience luxurious. Five star hotels in Bangkok offer many amenities. We stayed in The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam. It has swimming pool, gym, cafes and restaurants, and verandas that overlook at the city of Bangkok. Some of their hotel rooms give as well a good view of the city. When feeling lazy exploring Bangkok city, staying in your 5-star hotel remains a rewarding and safe experience for the family during corona.

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