Kasteel Doornenburg day-out with kids

Kasteel Doornenburg day-out with kids

Kasteel Doornenburg is one of the oldest castles in the Netherlands. Located in the eastern part of Gelderland region, this castle is considered as a late medieval (13th century) castle. Its setting is close to the river and surrounded by greenery making it a peaceful and picturesque place. Kasteel Doornenburg has many stories to tell in the last centuries. From its humble beginning of being a fortified manor during the 9th century, Kasteel Doornenburg went through a lot of modifications. It was transformed into a complete castle in the 13th century while its front castle was built in the 15th century. This castle consists of sleeping chambers, a chapel, and a farm. The castle was renovated during 1937-1943, only to end up being completely blown during the World War II. Fortunately, the castle was rebuilt for 20 years (between 1947-1968). Nowadays, this castle is well-maintained and serves as a venue for many events such as wedding, concerts, workshops, or children events (such as knighthood-related and archery events).

Going to Kasteel Doornenburg is a nice day out for children. You don’t have to pay to get into the courtyard and there is an opportunity to see close the actual castle. If the castle is open, it is possible to have a tour of it. This however have an entrance fee. If you are interested to see the inside of Kasteel Doornenburg, then make sure to look at the opening times before your visit. Often the castle is open by noon during weekends. Below I’ll outline why visiting the castle is a nice day-out activities for children.

Why Kasteel Doornenburg is nice day-out for children?

1. There are children activities inside the courtyard of Kasteel Doornenburg.

Children will enjoy all the activities in the courtyard, such as riding the wooden horse, the guillotine or beheading play, or simply running around the courtyard. In addition, they can simply admire the landscape of the courtyard and feel like they are the nobles or the knights of the castle. In the courtyard, there is also restaurant where children can enjoy the delicious cake of the castle.

2. Visit to Kasteel Doorneburg can be educational for both children and adults.

Kasteel Doornenburg offers tour of the castle for a fee. Here children can learn about the important events in the history, people who lived in the castles, and the modern role of this castle. The castle has been the residence of prominent Dutch families such as Van Doornick, Van Bylandt, Van Homoet, Van Voorst, Van Amstel, Van Heemskerk en Van Bemmel in the 1600s. It was never siege during the 80 years war between the Netherlands and Spain. It was also the setting of famous TV show “Floris”, played by Rutger Hauer, as the knight of this castle.

3. There is a close-by playground outside the castle.

Just close to the castle, you can also find a big playground where children can continue playing. There is supposed to be an entrance in this playground, but during our visit, it was open and everyone can simply go for free.

4. There are some children activities or events in the castle.

There are various events organized in Kasteel Doornenburg. Some of them can be fun for children. These can be “The Battle of Doornenburg” with some knight shows, middle ages battles, children festivals, etc. There are also some concerts being held which might be appreciated by older children. Check this link for the lists of events in the castle.

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