Autumn in The Netherlands: Fun family activities

Autumn in The Netherlands: Fun family activities

Autumn in The Netherlands is in the air again! The mushrooms are popping, leaves are turning red, orange, and yellow, while rain comes every now and then. Autumn is a beautiful season in its own way even though it marks the beginning towards cold and dark winter. If you are in The Netherlands, there are many ways to enjoy autumn with family. In this blog, I collected all the fun activities that I do with my family during autumn. Perhaps it could give you ideas on how to spend your autumn when in The Netherlands.

Fun family activity for family during autumn in the Netherlands

1. Enjoy walking in the forest.

Walking in the forest during autumn can make your autumn blues go away. The lack of sunshine during autumn can easily makes us feel down. By going out in the forest, your family gets to breath fresh air and enjoy the breath taking view of the nature. In the forest, you and the kids can pick up some hazel nuts, pinecones, and acorns; counts mushrooms; or simply collect colourful autumn leaves for fun kids activities at home.


2. Visit a vineyard and enjoy wine tasting.

The harvesting of grapes for wine production in most vineyards begin at early autumn, during the month of September until mid-October. Have a look if there are some vineyards closely your area. You will surely enjoy the experience, and often, there is a wine tasting and wines that are being sold for visitors. If going with kids, look if there are some kids activities in the area.

3. Have an autumn photoshoot.

The best way to make memories of the beautiful surrounding is of course by taking a photoshoot! Enjoy every corner of The Netherlands, whether you are in the forest, grasslands, canals, or waterways. You will surely enjoy the beautiful surrounding with your kids.

4. Do apple picking during autumn in The Netherlands.

Another fun way to celebrate autumn in The Netherlands is by doing an apple picking. There are many farms in The Netherlands that let you pick your own apples and pears at reasonable prices. For lists of apple farms to visit in The Netherlands during autumn, you may check out Olmenhorst (Lisserbroek North Holland), De Hoenderik (Tricht Gelderland), and Fruittuin Verbeek. It is definitely a fun day-out activity for kids. Of course, it is a nice excuse to make the favourite apple pie for kids.

5. Rent a cabin or go camping!

Going on a nature camping is surely a nice way to spend an autumn season in The Netherlands. It’s cozy and there are many fun activities to do when going camping with kids during their autumn break. In our case, we bring the brings to vacation park so that they can enjoy various activities such as indoor swimming, watching shows, and interacting with other kids.

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