Ikea Duiven Netherlands: Family friendly shop

Ikea Duiven Netherlands: Family friendly shop

Ikea is a Swedish shop that is located in various cities in The Netherlands and the Ikea Duiven in Arnhem is one of our favourite place to visit. Aside from being known seller of affordable and modular furnitures, Ikea has also many things to offer especially for family with children. Whenever we want to relax by buying something to improve our house, or simply want to go out with children and enjoy cheap but reasonable quality food, going to Ikea Duiven is the first thing that comes to our mind. In this blog, I will discuss why Ikea Duiven Netherlands is a family friendly place. Note that this is a personal review and experience from one Ikea branch. Others might have a different standard and experiences depending on the branch that they visit.

Why Ikea Duiven is a family friendly shop?

1. Ikea Duiven has a children play area called Småland.

Småland is located inside Ikea building and it is a place to play for children between 95 to 130 cm in length. Children can play for an hour in Småland while parents want to shop relaxedly for furnitures and any household stuff. This playground is supervised by staffs and therefore parents can shop with peace of mind.

2. Ikea Duiven’s restaurant offers children menu and nice offers for family.

The restaurant in Ikea Duiven offers a variety of food, ranging from adults and kids menu, family meal, as well as regular meal. If you are the saving type, then you can benefit a lot from their meal offers. For instance, you only pay 1.99 euros for kid’s menu consisting of 4 pieces of vegetarian balls, mashed potatoes (or fries), peas, cream sauce and lingonberry jam. For adults, the same type of menu with 8 vegetarian balls will cost only 2,99 euros. If you want a bit more elaborate menu during dinner, you only pay 10 euros for Swedish balls 8 pieces including peas and mashed potatoes (or fries), marinated salmon and almond cake. On top of these discounts, if you have a family card, you get free coffee or thee for adults, and free unlimited glass of juice with various flavours, such as carbonated apple, lemon, blueberry juices, and free fruit pot for a baby.

A total of 12,50 euros meal for the whole family in Ikea, thanks to the Ikea family membership card.

3. There are lots of family facilities on the shop.

Ikea is also rich with family facilities. When shopping, they have lots of displays where you can find a corner for your kids to enjoy, such as the children bedroom display. There are also other facilities that focus on the needs of the family such as children’s toilets, changing rooms, strollers, high chairs and cutlery in the restaurant. And of course, there are many play area around the shop.

4. Being an Ikea family member bring you lots of discount.

Having an Ikea family card brings you a lot of benefits, such as discounts, free coffee or thee whenever you visit the shop, return benefits, 10% discount on delivery, freebies in the restaurant, and so on. This makes Ikea Duiven and the rest of Ikea branches very attractive for visit to families. Want to become a member? Then you can visit this link.

Enjoying our time in Ikea.

5. Ikea has lots of ideas and solutions for children at home.

Ikea displays many ideas and inspirations on smart solutions to manage chaos at home, the type of toys children could enjoy, how to efficiently organise children bedroom and areas, you name it! Ikea also provides some creative ideas to make children rooms and different parts of the houses attractive and as comfortable as possible.

Ikea inspired children book holder at one of my kid’s room.

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