Zandenplas Nunspeet: Free kid’s day-out

Zandenplas Nunspeet: Free kid’s day-out

Zandenplas Nunspeet is a free recreation area for swimming in the region of Gelderland Netherland. This place is located in the middle of the forest of Veluwe, a beautiful nature area that expands to various cities and municipalities of The Netherlands. Zandenplas Nunspeet has a fine sand and offers various children and adult activities that make it ideal for a day-out. Since the summer is approaching again in The Netherlands and many are looking for a place to swim and relax, I highly recommend this place. As compared to the expensive prices of hotels and accommodations in beaches, islands, or even in vacation parks during summer in The Netherlands, Zandenplas Nunspeet offers free swimming to family with kids. If you even want to make your outing more affordable, you may bring your own food and camp during the day. In this blog I will tour you around the place and discuss what you can do when with children in Zandenplas Nunspeet.

Finding a nice area to set-up our tent.

Free kid’s day out in Zandenplas Nunspeet

1. Swim in the lake and or build sand castle.

The lake in the area is for public swimming, just make sure that the you have a swimming diploma or at least the children are monitored when they swim. The lake is also surrounded by sand, which children can use for building sand castles or other sand play.

Swimming in the lake of Zandenplas Nunspeet.

2. Camp or bring a hammock to rest in between the forest of Zandenplas Nunspeet.

Just very close to the lake is the forest where family, couples, or friends can rest when the temperature is too hot. The trees make sure that you can cool down, relax, or do some indoor (camping games) with kids. Aside from resting, you are free to read books while in a hammock, and perhaps fall as sleep due to complete relaxation.

Our small beach tent which is handy when going to the beach.
Relaxing in the tent while the kids are playing.

3. Play in the playground

In addition to sand, lake, and forest, there is also a small playground in the area where children can play when they get bored of swimming or making sand castles.

A small water pump for children to play.

4. Cycle or walk in the forest.

There is also forest that surround the lake of Zandenplas Nunspeet. Walking or cycling in the forest area is also a nice free activity to do with children.

Walking around the forest of Veluwe in Zandenplas Nunspeet.
Some visitors resting in their hammock.

5. Simply admire the beauty of the place.

There is a viewing point in the fast food restaurant of Zandenplas Nunspeet. You may simply enjoy the surrounding while having a nice lunch or breaks.

The view of the lake from a distance.
Enjoying the view of the lake from the restaurant.

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