Plopsaland Coeverdon: Experiences and review

Plopsaland Coeverdon: Experiences and review

Going to Plopsaland theme park is a dream of every child in The Netherlands and Belgium. Well who would not be? Plopsaland features many famous childhood characters such as Bumba, Maya the Bee, Piet Pirate, Kabouter Plop, Wickie the Viking, and many more! Almost every Belgian and Dutch child had watched these Plopsa characters on television. Our adventure to Plopsaland started to celebrate the birthday of our family member in July. It was only a one day experience, but we are happy to let the children experience this attraction park (and at least see even once their favourite childhood Plopsa characters. In this blog, I will discuss our experiences and review of Plopsaland in Coeverdon.

Kabouter Plop and Maya the Bee making a show.

Plopsaland Coeverdeon experiences and review

1. Rides and attraction in Plopsaland Coeverdon

There are various rides in Plopsaland Coeverdon that are suitable for children below and above 85 centimetres. These are the Viking’s rollercoaster, Flying bikes, Bumba’s playground, The Lighthouse, The Little Boats, The Slide, The Wild Sea, The K3 Whirligig, The Bumper cars, and Anubis. These are all indoor rides. There are also rides and entertainment outside the attraction park. These include the Maya playground, the Dancing fountain, and the K3 traffic park. One of the highlights of this attraction park is the theatre. During our visit, we were able to watch the Bumba show and the kids are very please to see this show. Of course, it is possible to have a photo with the Plopsa characters.

Attractions inside the Plopsaland.
The Flying bike.

2. Food

Plopsaland Coeverdon has two restaurants – Mega Mindy Bar and Ploprestaurant. These restaurants offer foods for children such as children menu, fries, burger, pancakes, poffertjes, ice creams, soups, and slushies There are also some coffee/thee and different types of sweets, such as donuts, muffins, and apple cake. Note that the prices of the food in these restaurants are very expensive. For example, if you buy a bottle of juice, it costs more than 5 euros (which you can buy for a euro in a supermarket). A cup of coffee costs around 5 euros (for a restaurant you pay normally 3 euros for this). A sack of chips costs 2.60 euros (which you can buy for less than a euro in a supermarket). There is a cheaper alternative for coffee inside the attraction park. There are multiple vending machines that provide XL cup of coffee and choco milk for only 3 euros. Of course, the cheapest of all is if you bring your own food. Luckily, Plopsaland Coeverdon allows this which makes it an attractive option for visitors.

Playing with the ball in Plopsaland Coeverdon.

3. Tickets to Plopsaland Coeverdon

The ticket for Plopsaland Coeverdon is 27. 50 euros (full-price) for those who are more than 85 centimetres, while half-a price (13.50 euros) for those less than 85 centimetres. The tickets can be bought via the website of Plopsaland Coeverdon. However, if you are people like us who always check for discounted tickets, you can find constant promotion for going to Plopsaland. There are discounted tickets for example via Albert Heijn (one ticket = 2 people), (with discount up to 35%), and ANWB. If you pay the full price and you have many family members, the costs go going to Plopsaland can accumulate.

Photo session with Bumba and Bumbalu.

4. Parking in Plopsaland Coeverdon

The costs of parking in Plopsaland Coeverdon is 12.50 euros. This is a fixed amount you have to pay when you go to this attraction park. Note that the location of Plopsaland Coeverdon is remote and is impossible to be reached by public transport.

Overall Judgement

Plopsaland Coeverdon is a fun activity with children. But similar to many attraction parts that we have been to such as Disneyland Paris, Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard and Railway museum (Spoorwegmuseum), it could be a rather expensive day-out especially if you buy your tickets full price and if you do not bring your own drinks. Overall, Plopsaland Coeverdon can be worthwhile experience, as long as you buy your tickets on discounted, and prepare for your trip by bringing food, snacks, and drinks.

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